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Medical Requirements


Specific Medical Requirements

  • 20/20 binocular vision is required and may be corrected with lenses to meet this standard.
  • Uncorrected vision must test 20/200 or better in each eye. (Any surgery to correct vision may be disqualifying dependent on the outcome of the surgery.)
  • Near vision must be 20/40 or better (corrected or uncorrected.)
  • Color vision, must be sufficient to distinguish basic colors and depth perception must be clinically normal.
  • Hearing must be tested in the unaided state using an audiometer for measurement. Pure tone thresholds will be evaluated for the following frequencies individually in each ear: 500, 1000, 2000 and 3000 Hz.

Disqualifying Conditions

Deputy U.S. Marshals must be physically able to safely and efficiently perform the full range of duties. Any medical or physical condition which affects this ability is disqualifying.  Some conditions which may be disqualifying are:

  • diabetes mellitus
  • convulsive disorders
  • hernias
  • orthopedic conditions that affect mobility, stability, flexibility and strength
  • hypertension
  • heart disease
  • color vision deficits and eye surgery