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Excepted Service Hiring Process


1.  Information Session

  • Applicant attends an information session (in person or virtual, if offered)
  • Applicant attends an information session by reaching out to the local District Recruiting Officer

2.  Application

  • After attending an information session, the applicant is invited to apply to the Deputy U.S. Marshal position.

3.  Interview

  • Applicants who meet minimum qualifications and pass the written assessment are scheduled for an interview at one of our locations across the country.

4.  Tentative Offer of Employment

  • If applicants pass the interview, they will receive a tentative offer letter within approximately 60 - 90 days. This is not an offer of employment but a mechanism to start the pre-employment process. 

5.  Pre-Requisites

  • Applicants are then scheduled to take a medical examination and to complete a background investigation.

6.  Ready for Selection

  • Applicants are considered ready for selection after the pre-requisites are passed.

7.  Tentative Selection

  • Applicants selected for a position are sent a tentative selection offer. It is tentative until the applicant has passed a fitness test and drug test.

8.  Final Offer Letter

  • Applicants who pass the fitness test and drug test are then sent a final offer letter.

9.  FLETC or Host District

  • Applicants selected may be selected to start at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center or in a district office, depending on the type of hiring for that timeframe.