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A woman and a child looking at Roll Call of Honor wall

Roll Call


On January 11, 1794, Robert Forsyth, U.S. Marshal for the District of Georgia, was shot and killed while attempting to serve civil papers. He was the first law enforcement officer in the United States of America to be killed in the line of duty.  

Since then, over 200 federal Marshals, Deputy Marshals, Special Deputy Marshals and Marshals guards have given their lives in service to their nation. We honor their memory and their sacrifice.

Robert Forsyth 01/11/1794 District of Georgia (D/GA)
John Gatewood  02/02/1839 Southern District of Alabama (S/AL)
Edward Gorsuch 09/11/1851 Eastern District of Pennsylvania (E/PA)
James Batchelder  05/26/1854 District of Massachusetts (D/MA)
William H. Richardson 11/17/1855 Northern District of California (N/CA)
Leonard Armes 04/20/1860 District of Kansas (D/KS)
Theodore W. Moses 12/06/1869 Western District of Missouri (W/MO)
Thomas P. Foley 04/27/1870 District of Virginia (D/VA)
William P. Storey 05/02/1870 District of Utah (D/UT)
C.R.V. Schefsky 09/07/1870 Western District of Texas (W/TX)
Ellis T. Jenkins 02/15/1871 Eastern District of Missouri (E/MO)
William H. Reeves 03/01/1871 Western District of Tennessee (W/TN)
William A. Looper 03/03/1871 Western District of South Carolina (W/NC)
John Zeke 02/16/1872 Oklahoma
W. T. Bentz 02/22/1872 Oklahoma
Clement McCausland  03/27/1872 District of Minnesota (D/MN)
Black S. Beck 04/15/1872 Oklahoma
Sam Beck 04/15/1872 Oklahoma
William Hicks 04/15/1872 Oklahoma
George Selvidge 04/15/1872 Oklahoma
Jim Ward 04/15/1872 Oklahoma
Riley Woods 04/15/1872 Oklahoma
William Beck 04/16/1872 Oklahoma
Jacob G. Owens 04/16/1872 Oklahoma
Caleb N. Keith 05/02/1872 Western District of North Carolina (W/NC)
Maddison F. Mitchell 06/18/1872 District of South Carolina (D/SC)
Frank Griffin 10/06/1872 Eastern District of Texas (E/TX)
Marcus L. Parker 03/22/1873 Western District of Arkansas (W/AR)
(Died in District of Kansas) (D/KS)
John C. Stephenson 07/11/1873 Southern District of New York (S/NY)
R. T. Dunn 08/08/1873 Northern District of Mississippi (N/MS)
John P. Fries 10/25/1873 Western District of Texas (W/TX)
Perry Duval 11/02/1873 Oklahoma
Noah H.H. Burns  02/15/1874 Western District of North Carolina (W/NC)
James P. Everette 07/10/1874 Middle District of Tennessee (M/TN)
William Spivey 08/06/1874 Oklahoma
Alfred F. Duckworth 03/01/1876 Western District of North Carolina (W/NC)
Arthur J. Harrington 06/06/1876 Eastern District of Kentucky (E/KY)
Felix H. Torbett 10/01/1876 Western District of Tennessee (W/TN)
Albert Gibson 01/26/1877 Western District of Tennessee (W/TN)
Augustine McIntyre 02/10/1877 Northern District of Georgia (N/GA)
Van B. Hendrix 02/12/1877 District of South Carolina (D/SC)
M. R. Greene 05/12/1877 Western District of Texas (W/TX)
George Ellis 12/10/1877 District of Kentucky (D/KY)
William Brady 04/01/1878 District of New Mexico (D/NM)
George Hindman 04/01/1878 District of New Mexico (D/NM)
Rufus Springs 04/19/1878 District of South Carolina (D/SC)
Harry T. McCarty 07/13/1878 District of Kansas (D/KS)
J. H. Adams 09/02/1878 District of Arizona (D/AZ)
Cornelius Finley 09/02/1878 District of Arizona (D/AZ)
Jack Kimbrew 09/11/1878 Northern District of Georgia (N/GA)
William H. Anderson 11/08/1878 Western District of Texas (W/TX)
Lorenzo C. Crowell 01/10/1879 Western District of Texas (W/TX)
James Kirby 09/01/1879  Southern District of New York (E/NY)
Willard Ayers 08/11/1880 Oklahoma
John B. Hardie 12/08/1880 Northern District of Alabama (N/AL)
Henry Seagraves 04/08/1881 Middle District of Tennessee (M/TN)
Robert Olinger 04/28/1881 District of New Mexico (D/NM)
Thomas Young 08/25/1882 Oklahoma
Dave H. Layman 04/10/1883 Oklahoma
John McWeir 07/02/1883 Oklahoma
John Collins 08/10/1883 District of Arizona (D/AZ)
Addison Beck 09/27/1883 Oklahoma
Lewis Merritt 09/27/1883 Oklahoma
William Leech 04/10/1884 Oklahoma
Walter R. Killion 05/24/1884 District of Kentucky (D/KY)
L. J. McDonald 07/12/1884 Middle District of Tennessee (M/TN)
Bud Pusley 11/09/1884 Oklahoma
Harold L. Gosling 02/21/1885 Western District of Texas (W/TX)
Jim Guy 05/01/1885 Oklahoma
Bill Kirksey 05/01/1885 Oklahoma
Andy Roff 05/01/1885 Northern District of Texas (N/TX)
James Roff 05/01/1885 Northern District of Texas (N/TX)
William L. Miller 07/06/1885 Middle District of Tennessee (M/TN)
Miller Hurst 10/11/1885 Middle District of Tennessee (M/TN)
Tom C. Hall 03/18/1886 District of New Mexico (D/NM)
J. E. Richardson 03/29/1886 Oklahoma
Dick Townsend 04/03/1886 Northern District of Texas (N/TX)
Henry Miller 04/09/1886 Oklahoma
William Irwin 04/13/1886 Oklahoma
Sam Sixkiller 12/24/1886 Oklahoma
William Kelly 01/17/1887 Oklahoma
Mark Kuykendall 01/17/1887 Oklahoma
Henry Smith 01/17/1887 Oklahoma
William Fields 04/10/1887 Oklahoma
Dan Maples 05/04/1887 Oklahoma
John Carleton 11/05/1887 Northern District of Texas (N/TX)
Frank Dalton 11/27/1887 Oklahoma
E. A. Stokley 12/03/1887 Oklahoma
John Trammel 06/26/1888 Western District of Arkansas (W/AR)
John Phillips 06/30/1888 Oklahoma
William Whitson 06/30/1888 Oklahoma
Mose McIntosh 11/09/1888 Oklahoma
Thomas Goodson 12/01/1888 Eastern District of Tennessee (E/TN)
Z. W. Moody 03/15/1889 Oklahoma
Russell Wireman 03/26/1889 District of Kentucky (D/KY)
Jim Williams 06/05/1889 Oklahoma
Joe Lundy 06/10/1889 District of Kansas (D/KS)
James O. Hager 08/10/1889 West Virginia
W. B. Saunders 02/13/1890 Northern District of Florida (N/FL)
Robert Cox 04/14/1890 Oklahoma
Charles H. Fusselman 04/17/1890 Western District of Texas (W/TX)
Jim Billy 07/13/1890 Oklahoma
David Sigemore 07/31/1890 Oklahoma
Samuel L. Estrange 11/21/1890 Northern District of Florida (N/FL)
William Pitts 11/30/1890 Eastern District of Texas (E/TX)
Marion Prickett 12/15/1890 Western District of Arkansas (W/AR)
Steve Pensoneau 02/06/1891 Oklahoma
J.C. Arnold 02/26/1891 Western District of Washington (W/WA)
J. Locke Ezzell 04/08/1891 Northern District of Alabama (N/AL)
Bernard Connelley 08/19/1891 Oklahoma
Ed Short 08/23/1891 Oklahoma
Joseph S. Wilson 09/23/1891 Oklahoma
R. L. Taylor 10/01/1891 Oklahoma
George Thornton 10/28/1891 Oklahoma
Calixtro Garcia 10/30/1891 Western District of Texas (W/TX)
George Wise 10/30/1891 Western District of Texas (W/TX)
Dan Osborne 11/20/1891 Northern District of Alabama (N/AL)
Josiah Poorboy 12/08/1891 Oklahoma
Thomas Whitehead 12/08/1891 Oklahoma
John B. Pemberton 02/20/1892 Western District of Arkansas (W/AR)
Charles K. Stuart 03/04/1892 Eastern District of Tennessee (E/TN)
George Wellman 05/09/1892 District of  Wyoming (D/WY)
James H. Ballenger 07/22/1892 Middle District of Tennessee (M/TN)
Vernon C. Wilson 09/13/1892 District of Arizona (D/AZ)
John Fields 10/12/1892 Oklahoma
Tom C. Smith 11/04/1892 Oklahoma
Floyd Wilson 12/13/1892 Oklahoma
C. B. Brockus 02/16/1893 District of Arizona (D/AZ)
Calloway B. Garner 06/24/1893 Western District of Tennessee (W/TN)
Sherman Russell 07/12/1893 Oklahoma
J. Perry Griggs 08/10/1893 Northern District of Alabama (N/AL)
Joe Gaines 08/22/1893 Oklahoma
Richard Speed 09/01/1893 Oklahoma
Thomas J. Hueston 09/02/1893 Oklahoma
Lafayette Shadley 09/03/1893 Oklahoma
Henry Schubert 10/03/1893 District of Montana (D/MT)
Bill Harrison 05/09/1894 Oklahoma
Thomas L. Martin 06/04/1894 Western District of Arkansas (W/AR)
Richard Zeff 07/06/1894 Northern District of Illinois (N/IL)
William A. Pross 07/12/1894 Northern District of Illinois (N/IL)
Jesse B. Bristol 07/12/1894 Northern District of Illinois (N/IL)
Abner D. McLellan 07/20/1894 Oklahoma
M. W. Joe Nix 08/03/1894 Oklahoma
Thomas Grissom 09/13/1894 Eastern District of Arkansas (E/AR)
Robert Pate 09/28/1894 Eastern District of Arkansas (E/AR)
Lincoln Keeney 11/24/1894 Oklahoma
Newton LeForce 12/05/1894 Oklahoma
John Beard 12/09/1894 Oklahoma
Jim Nakedhead 02/27/1895 Oklahoma
W. C. McDaniels 03/16/1895 Oklahoma
Seth H. Stalcup 04/25/1895 Western District of North Carolina (W/NC)
Lawrence Keating 07/26/1895 Western District of Arkansas (W/AR)
John Garrett 07/30/1895 Oklahoma
John Davis 08/01/1895 Oklahoma
Boyd Arnett 08/20/1895 Eastern District of Kentucky (E/KY)
John McHenry 12/26/1895 Eastern District of Texas (E/TX)
Edward E. Thurlo  02/10/1896 Oklahoma
Anthony Dunlevy Garden 02/21/1896 District of West Virginia (D/WV)
John D. Kirby 03/05/1896 District of South Carolina (D/SC)
Thomas R. Madden 04/19/1896 Oklahoma
William H. Guyse 04/23/1896 District of New Mexico (D/NM)
A. W. Johnson 10/21/1896 Oklahoma
William A. Byrd 01/16/1897 Eastern District of Kentucky (E/KY)
William C. Watts 01/24/1897 District of Alaska (D/AK)
Joe M. Dodson 08/29/1897 Eastern District of Arkansas (E/AR)
B. F. Taylor 08/29/1897 Eastern District of Arkansas (E/AR)
Marion A.B. Tatum 10/19/1897 Northern District of Georgia (N/GA)
James M. Rowan 01/31/1898 District of Alaska (D/AK)
Bill Arnold 03/17/1898 Oklahoma
J. Boley Grady 07/17/1898 Oklahoma
L. S. Hill 07/17/1898 Oklahoma
John T. Sisemore 11/17/1898 Western District of Louisiana (W/LA)
Joseph Heinrichs 03/15/1899 Oklahoma
Hickman Bruner 06/22/1899 Oklahoma
Edward J. Farr 07/16/1899 District of New Mexico (D/NM)
Henry M. Love 07/20/1899 District of New Mexico (D/NM)
James M. Blair 08/21/1899 Kentucky
William H. Greer 10/26/1899 Western District of North Carolina (W/NC)
Henry Peckenpaugh 11/27/1899 Oklahoma
James H. Wilson 07/08/1900 Kentucky
Herbert M. Goddard 08/14/1900 Oklahoma
Tom Taylor 10/13/1900 Oklahoma
Samuel Jackson 10/25/1900 District of Montana (D/MT)
Alexander S. Whiteley 03/21/1901 Southern District of Georgia (S/GA)
Thomas Price 07/20/1901 Middle District of Tennessee (M/TN)
John Poe 09/25/1901 Oklahoma
Hugh Montgomery 11/17/1901 Northern District of Mississippi (N/MS)
John A. Montgomery 11/17/1901 Northern District of Mississippi (N/MS)
J. N. Holsonback 01/11/1902 Northern District of Alabama (N/AL)
Lute Houston 10/20/1902 Oklahoma
E. C. Garrison 12/24/1902 Southern District of Georgia (S/GA)
John B. Jones 07/03/1903 Oklahoma
Edward D. Fink 11/28/1904 Oklahoma
J. Henry Vier 02/20/1905 Oklahoma
Z. T. Wade 07/26/1905 Western District of Virginia (W/VA)
Ike L. Gilstrap 03/12/1906 Northern District of Oklahoma (N/OK)
James Bourland 05/24/1906 Oklahoma
James H. Bush 06/27/1906 Western District of Arkansas (W/AR)
Sam Roberts 07/05/1907 Oklahoma
John Morrison 07/17/1907 Oklahoma
L. P. Dixon 07/19/1907 Oklahoma
George Williams 11/16/1907 Oklahoma
John C. Mullins 12/25/1908 Southern District of Ohio (S/OH)
William B. F. Corbin 03/08/1909 District of South Carolina (D/SC)
Christopher D. Corbin 03/08/1909 District of South Carolina (D/SC)
A. W. Holden 05/07/1909 Eastern District of Oklahoma (E/OK)
Charles Escalanti 06/06/1909 Southern District of California (S/CA)
William Duncan 10/08/1910 Eastern District of Virginia (E/VA)
G. W. Dillaway 12/14/1911 Western District of Tennessee (W/TN)
Marion Ramey 05/04/1913 Western District of Virginia (W/VA)
John Sloan 05/04/1913 Western District of Virginia (W/VA)
Christopher Keenan 11/09/1913  Western District of Michigan (W/MI)
Holmes Davidson  07/23/1914 Eastern District of Oklahoma (E/OK)
William E. Plank 07/23/1914 Eastern District of Oklahoma (E/OK)
Joseph C. Akin 02/21/1915 District of Utah (D/UT)
Robert Logan 03/09/1915 Eastern District of Oklahoma (E/OK)
C. P. Phelgar 05/14/1915 Western District of Virginia (W/VA)
Charles E. Day 07/28/1918 District of Arizona (D/AZ)
John Kavanaugh 10/21/1918 China
J. Ben Wilson 11/14/1918 Southern District of Georgia (S/GA)
Benjamin F. Dixon 01/12/1919 Northern District of Georgia (N/GA)
Clyde D. Calhoun 02/12/1919 District of Alaska (D/AK)
John Haven 03/04/1919 District of Rhode Island (D/RI)
Isaac Evans 09/03/1919 District of Alaska (D/AK)
Orville R. Webster 09/19/1919 Western District of Tennessee (W/TN)
Hugh J. Bartley 06/30/1921 Northern District of Ohio (N/OH)
Jirdan L. Anders 09/09/1921 District of Alaska (D/AK)
George W. Adair 09/11/1921 Eastern District of Oklahoma (E/OK)
Will Cross 08/12/1922 Eastern District of Arkansas (E/AR)
Kelly Walker 03/28/1923 Eastern District of Kentucky (E/KY)
J. H. Short 05/26/1923 Eastern District of Kentucky (E/KY)
J. Walter Casey 07/16/1923 Western District of Arkansas (W/AR)
Samuel Lilly 07/29/1924 Eastern District of North Carolina (E/NC)
Walter W. Getchell 08/05/1924 District of Alaska (D/AK)
James E. Hill 10/30/1924 District of Alaska (D/AK)
E. F. Flanery 03/28/1928 District of South Dakota (D/SD)
J. Ray Ward 04/15/1928 District of Utah (D/UT)
Adrian Metcalf 07/31/1929 Eastern District of Kentucky (E/KY)
Ed H. Sherman 04/21/1930 District of Alaska (D/AK)
Reuben Hughett 06/15/1930 Eastern District of Tennessee (E/TN)
Clyde Rivers 05/16/1931 Northern District of Mississippi (N/MS)
W. F. Deiter 03/01/1932 District of Puerto Rico (D/PR)
Robert Sumter 08/09/1933 Eastern District of Oklahoma (E/OK)
Herbert Ray 02/02/1935 Eastern District of Kentucky (E/KY)
Charles T. Warner 05/23/1935 Northern District of Oklahoma (N/OK)
John F. Gooding 07/18/1935 District of South Carolina (D/SC)
Charles L. Vanstory 02/23/1936 Middle of North Carolina (M/NC)
Raoul Dorsay 11/25/1937 Northern District of California (N/CA)
John Luses 09/08/1938 Northern District of Ohio (N/OH)
Whit G. Wright 08/02/1939 Eastern District of North Carolina (E/NC)
Colby S. Farrar 10/07/1939 District of Arizona (D/AZ)
John H. Glenn 07/31/1940 District of Idaho (D/ID)
George Meffan 07/31/1940 District of Idaho (D/ID)
Artis J. Chitty 08/22/1940 Western District of Washington (W/WA)
William J. McCormick 09/04/1941 Eastern District of Wisconsin (E/WI)
John A. Barrow 08/29/1950 Eastern District of Pennsylvania (E/PA)
Fred L. Peterson 07/14/1951 District of Idaho (D/ID)
James Guerin 12/06/1951 District of Nebraska (D/NE)
Edmund L. Schweppe 09/15/1952 District of Arizona (D/AZ)
Samuel E. Vaughn 08/08/1953 Middle District of Tennessee (M/TN)
Clarence Toone 02/10/1955 District of Alaska (D/AK)
Fax B. Murphy 08/17/1960 Northern District of West Virginia (N/WV)
Noah R. Friend 11/13/1963 Eastern District of Kentucky (E/KY)
Carl J. Kalafatich 02/23/1968 Southern District of Florida (S/FL)
Mercello Moya 03/30/1971 Southern District of Texas (S/TX)
Hilton E. Schorre 03/30/1971 Southern District of Texas (S/TX)
Henry Dale 07/14/1971 Northern District of Illinois (N/IL)
Norman Sherriff 09/24/1971 District of Columbia (D/DC)
Andrew Boehnlein 09/26/1971 Southern District of Ohio (S/OH)
Dick D. McKinney 07/20/1972 Northern District of Iowa (N/IA)
Robert S. Cheshire 02/13/1983 District of North Dakota (D/ND)
Kenneth B. Muir 02/13/1983 District of North Dakota (D/ND)
Emil R. Wehrli 08/11/1988 District of Nebraska (D/NE)
Henry B. Carlson 06/20/1991 District of Minnesota (D/MN)
Harry A. Belluomini 07/20/1992 Northern District of Illinois (N/IL)
Roy L. Frakes 07/20/1992 Northern District of Illinois (N/IL)
William F. Degan 08/21/1992 District of Massachusetts (D/MA)
Gene L. Goldsberry 08/05/1993 District of Kansas (D/KS)
Peter P. Hillman 06/08/2000 Eastern District of California (E/CA)
Bucky E. Burke 09/18/2007 District of Columbia (D/DC)
Stanley W. Cooper 01/04/2010 District of Nevada (D/NV)
Derek Hotsinpiller 02/16/2011 Northern District of West Virginia (N/WV)
John Perry 03/08/2011 Eastern District of Missouri (E/MO)
Frank E. McKnight 05/29/2014 District of Rhode Island (D/RI)
Josie Wells 03/10/2015 Southern District of Mississippi (S/MS)
Zacarias Toro 06/14/2015 Southern District of New York (S/NY)
Patrick Carothers 11/18/2016 Middle District of Georgia (SERFTF)
Kenneth J. Doyle 07/26/2017 Southern District of New York (S/NY)
Christopher D. Hill 01/18/2018 Middle District of Pennsylvania (M/PA)
Chase S. White 11/29/2018 District of Arizona (D/AZ)
Norman D. Merkel 01/16/2019 Southern District of Texas (S/TX)
Betty Ann Pascarella 04/06/2020 Southern District of New York (S/NY)
Brian L. Magee 04/06/2020 Southern District of Texas (S/TX)
Anthony C. McGrew 08/15/2020 Southern District of Georgia (S/GA)
Havonia D. Holley 01/05/2021 Northern District of Georgia (N/GA)
Hugh B. Bennett 02/10/2021 District of Utah (D/UT)
Craig A. Kriner 01/23/2021 Northern District of West Virginia (N/WV)
Vincent Gala, Jr. 02/08/2021 Northern District of West Virginia (N/WV)
Jared Keyworth 10/01/2021 Middle District of Louisiana (M/LA)
Michael J. Riley 09/24/2020 Eastern District of Louisiana (E/LA)
Jose E. Gomez 02/06/2022 District of Nevada (D/NV)
Thomas M. Weeks 04/29/2024 Western District of North Carolina (W/NC)