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U.S. Marshals Service

Prisoner Health Care Standards


The following medical interventions and procedures are not authorized for payment by the USMS, unless ordered by the court:


Chelation therapy, except for acute arsenic, gold, or lead poisoning

Contraceptive drugs or devices

Controlled narcotics, unless evaluated by a physician experienced
in the use of such medications and when other options have been considered and found to be inadequate.

Drugs available without a prescription (over-the counter)

Drugs for cosmetic purposes

Drugs to enhance athletic performance

Immune Globulin

Implanted time-release medications, (e.g. Norplant)

Investigational drugs (non-FDA approved)

Methadone except for the following clinical indications:

Treatment of opiate addicted pregnant prisoners;

Detoxification of opiate addicted prisoners; or

Treatment of severe pain.

Name brand prescription drugs for which a federally approved generic equivalent is available

Routine immunizations or boosters, including tetanus-diphtheria (TD), measles, chicken pox, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, influenza, and pneumococcal vaccines

Smoking cessation drugs and medication, including nicotine patches and gum

Over-the counter vitamins and nutritional substances unless prescribed by a physician or mid-level provider for clinical indications

Drugs used to enhance sexual performance (e.g. Viagra) is an official site of the U.S. Federal Government, U.S. Department of Justice