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U.S. Marshals Service

Applicants Requesting New Agreements or Housing Rates

Applicants requesting a new Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) or housing rate modification:

Effective November 19, 2007, it is mandatory for most applicants requesting a new IGA or housing rate modification to use the e-IGA automated process by submitting the application to the Office of the Federal Detention Trustee (OFDT).

After eIGA electronic applications are accepted and reviewed by OFDT, they are forwarded to the USMS for further review, negotiation and award using the e-IGA electronic automated processes.

The eIGA system will not be used for IGAs at non-CONUS locations, Limited Use Agreements (LUAs), juvenile facilities, special medical services rates and certain administrative modifications. For “exempt” IGA actions involving a per diem rate, local governments will continue to complete and submit a USM-243 to the District and the District will forward the USM-243, along with a Form USM-242, Request for Detention Services, to the Programs and Assistance Branch (PAB) for processing, as done previously.

U.S. Department of Justice Office of the Federal Detention Trustee

Established and activated in September 2001 by directive of Congress, the Federal Detention Trustee ensures that Federal agencies involved in detention provide for the safe, secure and humane confinement of persons in the custody of the United States while awaiting trial or immigration proceedings.

The Federal Detention Trustee's coordination of detention activities includes the oversight, management and expenditure of appropriated funds that are deployed by federal law enforcement agencies.

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Electronic Intergovernmental Agreements (eIGA) - eIGA manages the interaction between facility provider and an agency with detention service needs leading to an IGA. It provides a reliable and justifiable structure for the negotiation process. eIGA automates the application process by collecting essential information from facility owners. To address the projection and budgeting challenges, OFDT has developed a core rate concept that establishes a baseline for negotiating a fixed rate IGA.  eIGA Facility Guide

The OFDT contact number is (877) 633-8457 or (202) 305-8790.








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