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U.S. Marshals Badges - 1941 to 1970


U.S. Marshals Service First Issued badge (known as the "IKE" badge)

Two of these style badges was issued in 1941; the United States Marshal badge (three quarters size) and Deputy United States Marshal (full size).

The Chief Deputy United States Marshal badge was not issued until January 1951. The control and credential warning are on the back of the badge. Badges were of gold color (some are marked 1/10 of 10KT. on the back). Made by the Robins Company (Robins CO. was bought by V. H. Blackinton CO.) Badges were bought by the U.S. Department of Justice. They had control over the Marshals accountable property at that time. On the U.S. Marshals badge the number on the the back was the District number, Arizona was 008, Colorado was 013, Wyoming 091, and so forth. Each District has a signed number, 1 thru 100, but not all numbers are in use then or today.

First national Issue - Chief Marshal Badge First national Issue - Deputy Badge

DISCLAIMER: These badges are not being displayed for sale or trade purposes. They are a representation of U.S. Marshals Service