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Fugitive Investigative Strike Teams - Mr. Zip


One of the successful stings was a simple scam called "Mr. Zip."

Two male on a doorway
Playing the role as Mr. Zip, a deputy knocks on a door of a fugitive's house.

A Deputy Marshal from the Western District of Virginia, devised the plan to pose as a mailman when he saw how freely mail carriers moved throughout the neighborhood without being questioned. Dressed as a mailman, he would walk up to the door of the fugitive's last known address, carrying a mailbag, a package, and a clipboard. He was wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying his gun concealed. On the receipt for the package, the deputy had a written description of the fugitive to double check the identification the person had to present to claim the package.

When he was sure that the person was a wanted fugitive, he would tip his hat to signal the team to move in.