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USMS Blue Courage


By Abigail Meyer, USMS Public Affairs

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The U.S. Marshals Service (USMS) Training Division (TD) offers a robust and varied number of classes to personnel throughout the organization. The agency provides high quality training with instruction on latest law enforcement tactics.

One of the more specialized leadership development courses the division offers focuses on building resiliency and reinvigorating the call to serve many of the deputies feel.

“We want people to be physically fit, but we also want them to be mentally fit. And so building in that resiliency is working on that mental fitness aspect,” said Jon Albright, Leadership Development Branch Chief. “So building resilience for people but then also reaffirming, or for some people rediscovering why they got into law enforcement why they continue to be in law enforcement.”

The course blends time-tested philosophies with innovative scientific research to provide techniques and tangible tools to help law enforcement officers develop, understand, and enrich themselves. The techniques and tools taught in the course offer application across their job and in their personal lives.

“We talk about dignity, respect, because with each and every police interaction that we have, we still have the ability to show dignity to the people that we interact with and then thereby we get some respect,” Albright said. “We give a little respect to get some.”

For deputy U.S. Marshals, it’s not a matter of if they’ll be in a dangerous position, but when, so this course seeks to develop highly evolved leaders who are prepared at any moment, both physically and mentally. 

The three-day course has been offered since 2021 and covers topics ranging from Foundations of Courage & Police Culture to Positive Psychology & Practical Wisdom.

Feedback from deputy U.S. Marshals say this course is invaluable:

“Ensure that this training is provided to every operational employee and TFO, working for the agency. We would be doing a disservice to our personnel, if we did not provide this training to our personnel. This is the best training course one could possibly take, for positive mental health habits. I cannot say enough about the importance of this course.”

“Amazing course and a great start to the agency addressing the total package of what it takes to be a successful and healthy law enforcement officer!”

“This is hands down one the most important fundamental training programs in our Agency. Very few programs have the ability to impact on every metric needed throughout our professional and personal life. The staff and cadre who presented this material were of the highest caliber and the information they put forth is critically needed.”

“Personally, it could not have come at a better time for me in my life and career and I intend to dedicate myself to incorporating the principles into my life so I can stay focused on my "why." A big thank you to all the instructors.”

The TD and USMS Blue Courage development team are excited to continue the growth of the program and look forward to future course offerings.

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