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U.S. Marshals-led Operation Triple Beam-Tidewater Targets Violent Criminals


Operation Focused on Gangs, Firearms Offenders

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Christopher Leuer, Senior Inspector

Capital Area Regional Fugitive Task Force
Norfolk, VA
(757) 390-6313

U.S. Marshals Office of Public Affairs (703) 740-1699

Norfolk, VA – A large-scale multi-agency law enforcement operation led by the Capital Area Regional Fugitive Task Force, focused on wanted gang members and firearms related offenders, has concluded. The 60-day operation, which took place during June and July resulted in dozens of arrests and firearms seized across Hampton Roads.

A total of 46 fugitives were arrested, including eight suspects wanted for homicide and 17 wanted in relation to firearms offenses. Twenty documented gang members and known gang associates were among those arrested, and 36 firearms, $38,551 in cash, and approximately $500,000 worth of narcotics were seized during the operation.

Operation Triple Beam (OTB) is a U.S. Marshals Service-led collaborative initiative that partners federal, state, and local law enforcement to focus on specific areas impacted by gang and related criminal violence while targeting the most violent offenders and organizations. The overall goal of Operation Triple Beam (OTB) is to foster safer communities by providing immediate relief from gang-related violence by investigating and arresting fugitive gang members and the criminal organizations responsible for committing violent crimes.

Acting U.S. Attorney Raj Parekh of the Eastern District of Virginia said, "Thank you to our federal, state, and local partners for their tireless efforts and remarkable work, as exemplified by this significant public safety operation. Protecting the safety of our communities is at the very heart of what we do – it is a sacrosanct duty to the public for whom we are privileged to serve. Gang-related violence often involves gun violence, which inflicts a massive and tragic toll on our communities. It only takes one person to pull a trigger, but in the end, it's the community – our neighborhoods full of children, family members, and friends – who forever endure the pain of losing loved ones. We are committed to addressing all forms of violent crime in our cities, while protecting civil rights and civil liberties. Working together, we will continue building safe and just communities throughout Hampton Roads."

"I am proud of the Deputy Marshals, task force officers and our federal, state and local law enforcement partners for what they accomplished in this operation, and for what they do each day," said U.S. Marshal for the Eastern District of Virginia Nick E. Proffitt. "The results of this operation are indicative of the strength of the law enforcement cooperation we enjoy in Hampton Roads. It is my hope that the efforts over the last month will demonstrate to our citizens that our law enforcement professionals at all levels are out there doing what they can to ensure our citizens are afforded the safe and secure environment they so deserve. I am honored and humbled that the Marshals Service is a part of this team of professional, dedicated public servants."

"A large portion of this operation was conducted in Norfolk, and I couldn't be prouder of the women and men in law enforcement who risked their lives to take violent gang members off our streets," said Norfolk Police Chief Larry D. Boone. Many guns were also seized from those not legally able to possess them. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if we want immediate impact, we must stop the flow of guns. Too many families have been impacted by the pain of gun violence in Hampton Roads. Many ask, "what can I do to help?” To start, I'm asking for adult leadership in the home and responsible gun ownership. Those two actions can make a positive impact in any community, it’s just that simple. In the meantime, we will continue to work with our federal partners to identify and apprehend those criminals who inflict harm on our communities."

"Violent neighborhood gangs pose the one of the biggest threats to communities across the nation, including our own Hampton Roads communities," said Brian Dugan, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI's Norfolk Field Office. "Those of us in law enforcement cannot rest while Americans live in fear in their own neighborhoods, and the responsibility for fighting violent crime is one we share. The threat is too broad and too dangerous for any one agency to tackle alone. Our collaboration with the U.S. Marshals fugitive task force and participation in joint operations like Operation Triple Beam reflect the FBI's commitment to our part in protecting Hampton Roads from violent gangs who terrorize our communities."

"Operation Triple Beam is an incredible success," said Chesapeake Sheriff Jim O'Sullivan. "Gang violence is a serious and growing threat in Hampton Roads. Tonight, residents can sleep a little more soundly in their beds knowing our streets and communities are that much safer."

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Special Agent in Charge Charlie J. Patterson said, "This operation is the epitome of collaborative law enforcement at its finest. ATF is proud to have been able to contribute and stand on the front lines with our fellow local, state, and federal agency partners in the fight against violent crime. Our united effort has effectively resulted in the seizure of illegal firearms and narcotics from felons, the removal of violent criminals, and the capture of fugitives from our communities. As such, the ATF Washington Field Division will continue to leverage our expertise and work lockstep with our partners to fight violent crime."

"The efforts outlined today demonstrate, by working together, federal, state, and local law enforcement are systematically dismantling street gangs and the criminal networks that cause violent crime in our neighborhoods," said Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Special Agent in Charge Jarod Forget. "Hampton Roads’ residents deserve to live in a community safe from violent crime."

Participating agencies: U.S. Marshals Service; Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; Chesapeake Sheriff’s Office; Drug Enforcement Administration; FBI; Hampton Police Division; Naval Criminal Investigative Service; Newport News Police Department; Norfolk Police Department; Portsmouth Police Department; Virginia Beach Police Department; Virginia Department of Corrections - Adult Probation and Parole; Virginia State Police and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia.

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