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Press Release
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Joint East Fugitive Task Force Arrests Fugitive Bryce Cayde Holmes

For immediate release

Sean Malecha, Assistant Chief Deputy Deputy U.S. Marshal

Eastern District of Texas
(214) 705-9850 x224

Beaumont, TX – On April 22, 2020, members of the Joint East Fugitive Task Force (JETFTF) assigned to the Beaumont Division received a request from the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office to adopt a fugitive case involving several felony arrest warrants issued on April 21st and 22, 2020, for subject Bryce Cayde Holmes.

The charges contained in the arrest warrants include: Aggravated Assault Impeding Breath/Circulation – Family Violence, 2nd Degree Felony, Assault Impeding Breath/Circulation – Family Violence, 3nd Degree Felony, Unlawful Disclosure of Intimate Visual Material and Cruelty to Non-Livestock Animals, 3rd Degree Felony.

The Hardin County Sheriff's Office (HCSO) relayed that on or about April 14, 2020, Holmes reportedly assaulted his spouse and shared sexually explicit video of the victim without her consent after she ended their relationship. Holmes then utilized social media to livestream footage of him drowning a puppy belonging to his spouse in retaliation. Hardin County Sheriff's Office further relayed that Holmes was aware that charges were pending against him and had made statements indicating that he would not go to jail and that police would have to shoot him. Holmes was described by the HCSO as a self-proclaimed “survivalist” known to possess a large cache of firearms and ammunition within his residence.

On April 22, 2020, Joint East Fugitive Task Force members acted on information gathered through investigative resources to determine two possible places of employment for Holmes, and observed a vehicle registered to the subject in the parking lot of the second business location in Beaumont, Texas. Holmes was arrested shortly after at his place of employment without incident and subsequently transferred to Hardin County Sheriff's Office transport units.

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