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U.S. Marshals Service


Photograph of statute: 'Frontier Marshal'"Frontier Marshal"

For the commemoration of the Bicentennial of the Marshals Service, a  larger-than-life bronze sculpture, titled "Frontier Marshal" was donated to the Marshals Service by John Bianchi, a member of the original U.S.  Marshals foundation Board of Directors and founder of Bianchi International, a holster and sporting equipment manufacturer. 

"The frontier era in which the Marshals Service gained such renown occurred in about the halfway point  of our 200 plus year history", former Marshals Service Director Stanley E. Morris said in 1986.  "The sculpture thus seems a fitting symbol of the dedication of Marshals and their Deputies during those two centuries, and reminds us of the self-sacrifice and dangers so often associated with upholding the law."



Artist Dave Manuel and the 'Frontier Marshal'The 10-foot tall work of art was created by Dave Manuel of Joseph, Oregon, a widely acclaimed painter and sculptor of western themes. The bronze portrays a confident, dignified Marshal: in one hand, he holds a 10 gallon hat and what appear to be court papers; the other hand rests on his gun belt; and the  long duster coat is pulled back just far enough to reveal the pistol in the holster on the gun belt.  Shown on left,  Dave Manuel and the "Frontier Marshal"





William Hall, K.M. Moore, John Bianchi, Stanley Morris, and Dave Manuel with the sculpture.

(Left to right) William E. Hall, former Director of the Marshals Service; K.M. Moore, former Director of the Marshals Service; John Bianchi, former member of U.S. Marshals foundation Board of Directors; Stanley e. Morris, former Director of the Marshals Service; and artist Dave Manuel participated in the ceremony which dedicated the U.S. Marshals National Memorial.  The program included the unveiling of the bronze sculpture. is an official site of the U.S. Federal Government, U.S. Department of Justicee