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U.S. Marshals Service

History -  Capture of Christopher Boyce

Mug shot of Christopher BoyceThe task force began focusing on Port Angeles, Washington, based on information they had developed that Boyce was living in that city.  Four surveillance teams were formed: one to cover the hotels and apartment houses, two "rolling teams" to search for a vehicle suspected to be used by Boyce, and another team to serve as backup to make routine patrols.

Inquiries at local supermarkets on Friday morning, August 21, produced several witnesses who, through photographs, identified Boyce as having recently purchased some beer at the store.

Later that evening surveillance teams began to monitor an area between several locations that Boyce was suspected to frequent. One surveillance unit drove through the parking lot of a small eatery in Port Angeles, the "Pit Stop Restaurant and Drive-In," but, since no one resembling Boyce seemed to be in the area, they decided to search elsewhere and return to the restaurant later in the evening.


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