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Western District of Wisconsin - Courthouse Locations

In 1871, the Western District of Wisconsin built the first federal courthouse located in the city of Madison. By 1938 there were five operational federal courthouses; located in Madison, La Crosse, Superior, Eau Claire and Wausau. Presently, only two federal courthouses remain operational; in Madison and Eau Claire. Madison’s federal courthouse has moved through three different buildings.

Federal Courthouse in Madison (1871)The first federal courthouse in Madison was situated at the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and the Capital Square. It was the first federal courthouse built in the Western District of Wisconsin in 1871. It stood until it was razed in 1929. The U.S. District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin met here until 1929. The U.S. Circuit Court for the Western District of Wisconsin met here until that court was abolished in 1912.


Federal Courthouse in Madison (1929)In 1929, the second federal courthouse in Madison was built at 210 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. The building served as the home for the federal courts until 1985. The building is currently serves as the Madison Municipal Building.


Current Federal Courthouse in MadisonThe current federal courthouse in Madison is located at 120 N. Henry Street. The building opened in 1985. On July 29, 1991 The House of Representatives passed Bill H.R. 948 designating the courthouse as the "Robert W. Kastenmeier United States Courthouse," in honor of the congressman who represented Wisconsin’s Second District from 1959-1991.


Federal Courthouse in Eau ClaireIn 1909, the first federal courthouse was built in Eau Claire. The courthouse, located at 500 S. Barstow Commons, is still used for federal court operations. The building currently houses the U.S. District Court, Bankruptcy, Probation, the Small Business Admisinstration and the U.S. Marshals. is an official site of the U.S. Federal Government, U.S. Department of Justicee