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USMS Works to Increase Female Recruits


By Abigail Meyer, Office of Public Affairs

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E/WI U.S. Marshal Anna Ruzinski and District Personnel

Eighteen months ago, the United States Marshals Service (USMS) committed to increasing the number of women recruits in their training classes. Since then, the agency has been working to recruit more women as well as taking a look inside the organization to better support existing employees.

“I have been in law enforcement for 43 years and the percentage of women in law enforcement has always been 13% or lower through my entire career and there have never really been any efforts to increase that,” said U.S. Marshal Anna Ruzinski, Eastern District of Wisconsin. “So, the 30 by 30 program is really an attempt to finally make some progress and increase women in law enforcement.”

Ruzinski leads the agency’s 30x30 committee as the advisory chair, guiding the team to actionable ideas to meet the 30x30 goal. The committee met in late February at USMS Headquarters to create a way forward and recommendations for leadership.

“We are looking at things like the hiring practices, the promotional practices, the recruitment practices, and seeing where there are some improvements we can make,” Ruzinski said. “It’s not just for the improvement of bringing on more women, but making the USMS fair and equitable for everyone.”

It is about more than numbers. It is about building diversity that enhances and enriches our already strong culture at the USMS. Parity is mission related.

“The initiative is not about lowering standards, but about capitalizing on the capabilities women bring to law enforcement. And it is even more than advancing just women, it is about having the most qualified carry out the mission,” Ruzinski said. “Creating a fair and equitable environment within the agency enhances the diverse and elite workforce in the USMS, because we know this is a great agency.”

Women bring unique skills to balance law enforcement teams. Studies have found that women have a lower use of force, effective de-escalation techniques, and high-level interpersonal skills. 

The 30x30 committee is comprised of women throughout the agency, ranging from deputies, to chief deputies, to U.S. Marshals, all working to find ways to address completing this pledge.

“It is amazing to see the amount of passion, the amount of pride these women have,” Ruzinski said. “This group of women that came together just reinforces the pride that I have being a U.S. Marshal. A lot of these women have been with the agency for over 20 years, some of them over 30 years.”

The pledge the USMS has made to increase recruits is part of their commitment not only to increase women, but to be representative of the country they serve and continually work to mirror their communities.

“We are not saying it is awful for women at the Marshal Service, but what we are doing here is to make it better and more representative,” Ruzinski said. “I would say to any of the young women that are out there, again, I have been in this profession for 43 years and it is just a noble, stimulating great career. I would recommend it to anyone. Do not let any of the naysayers deter you from entering this career. You are going to love it.”

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