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A prisoner in hand-cuff

Prisoner Photographs



U.S. Marshals employees will not pose prisoners for pictures (except as necessary for identification purposes at district offices or detention facilities) or in any way subject prisoners to embarrassment.

Disclosure Of Information On Prisoners Prohibited

U.S. Marshals will not release information to the public concerning federal prisoners. U.S. Marshals will not disclose personal histories or photographs of prisoners, or arrival or departure times of prisoners. Press attention should not be imposed on prisoners and prisoners who seek it should not be indulged. Questions arising concerning publicity with regard to prisoners should be directed to the Chief, Office of Public Affairs.

Interference With Reporters

U.S. Marshals will not interfere with a reporter, photographer or any other person seeking to take a photograph of a federal prisoner on the street or in any other public place outside of the federal courthouse. A United States Marshal or deputy, however, will not halt or pose a federal prisoner for the benefit of photographers. Some federal judges have made provisions for photographing prisoners in courthouses. When such provisions have been made by the court, the United States Marshal will follow court rules and, in each instance, determine which judge the prisoner will appear before and honor the court’s decision in each case.

Contract Detention Facility Rules On Public/Prisoner Contact

Local detention facility rules or policies regarding visitation, mail or phone access apply to U.S. Marshals prisoners and their communication with the press. Press interviews outside of a detention facility are not authorized unless specifically ordered by the court.