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A prisoner in hand-cuff



This publication is a supplement to the U.S. Marshals Service (USMS) Policy Directive 9.4, Prisoner Health Care Management.

  1. These guidelines refer to health care services that are to be charged to the United States Marshals Service and/or are provided outside of the detention/correctional facility.
  2. The United States Marshals Service has authority to acquire and pay for reasonable, medically necessary care (to include emergency medical care) to ensure the well-being of all prisoners in United States Marshals Service custody.
  3. In accordance with the applicable Intergovernmental Agreement or contract, all healthcare services provided by the detention/correctional facility to United States Marshals Service prisoners at no costar allowable.
  4. Districts can approve requests for prisoner health care services without review by Prisoner Operations Division (POD), Office of Medical Operations (OMO) if they are specified in this publication.
  5. All requests for prisoner health care services not listed in this publication must be adjudicated by Prisoner Operations Division, Office of Medical Operations. Districts cannot defer/deny requests for prisoner medical care.
  6. In some instances, medically appropriate, non-urgent health care services can be deferred until the prisoner is released from United States Marshals Service custody, as long as there is no significant health risk to the prisoner. This determination however still requires Prisoner Operations Division, Office of Medical Operations adjudication.