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U.S. Marshals Service

U.S. Marshals Service for Students   

Special Operation Support 

Provide temporary help to districts during high threat or dangerous situations, national emergencies or any situation ordered by the Attorney General or the Director of the Marshals Service.

SPECIAL OPERATIONS GROUP (SOG): are highly trained and disciplined team of deputy marshals that help districts respond to high-risk trials, prisoner moves, unusually dangerous arrests, and emergency situations where there is a violation of federal law or property. These teams of deputies are on 24 hour call (available) and can report immediately to any assignment within the United States. Because these teams have rigorous training with an emphasis on teamwork, they can assist districts with unusual law enforcement situations during:

  • large judicial trials
  • prisoner security of dangerous defendants
  • large fugitive investigations
  • national emergencies
  • civil disorders (riots or demonstrations at military bases)
  • natural disasters (hurricanes)
  • whenever ordered to by the Attorney General or USMS Director.
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    SOG duties require team members to be skillful in law enforcement procedures be mentally and physically prepared to report immediately for any assignment. Each SOG member must:

  • learn
  • memorize
  • pay attention to detail
  • work well with others
  • use knowledge of law enforcement skills or procedures
  • communicate well
  • be physically fit
  • have good reasoning and judgment
  • work as team member
  • be expert using weapons


    SPECIAL ASSIGNMENTS:  This program allows the Marshals Service to quickly increase security when needed by temporarily moving deputies, support personnel and equipment to other locations within the United States and its territories. Additional security may be required to safely meet a district with unusual law enforcement assignments. The following are the different ways to send additional help to a district:

  • In-District Special Assignment: a district uses the deputy marshals from within their district, but may need only financial, equipment or guard assistance.
  • Out-of-District Special Assignment: a district needs additional deputy marshals from other districts, it may also need financial assistance, equipment, guard services or specially trained deputy marshals.
  • Exceptional Situations: involves unusually large amounts of deputy marshals or financial assistance for media events or national emergencies.
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