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U.S. Marshals Service

Prisoner Health Care Standards


The following medical interventions and procedures are not authorized for payment by the USMS, unless ordered by the court:




Arthroscopy - surgical


Bridge Pontics

Bridge Retainers



Dental x-rays, unless required as a result of injury incurred while detainee is in the custody of the USMS, or for diagnostic purposes in the presence of pain and suffering

Dental fillings, unless required as a result of injury incurred while detainee is in the custody of the USMS, or to relieve pain and suffering

Dental crowns

Endodontic endosseous implants

Fluoride treatments

Gold Foil Restorations

Intra-oral soft tissue grafts

Joint reconstruction

Oral surgical implant

Orthodontia - Initiation, replacement, adjustment, or maintenance
of braces. (Removal of braces is covered if clinically indicated)

Orthognathic surgery

Osteoplasty for orthognathic deformities

Osteotomy of ramus, with or without bone graft

Osteotomy of the body of the mandible

Osteotomy-segmented or subapical-per sextant or quadrant

Partial ostectomy

Periodontal treatment, including surgical procedures

Radical resection of mandible with bone graft


Root canals when any of the following conditions are present:

the tooth is a third molar; inadequate oral hygiene; the tooth is periodontally compromised; high caries rate; the tooth requires extensive restoration; missing teeth in the same arch which will be replaced with a removable prosthesis; opposing tooth is missing; other teeth in the same arch are of questionable prognosis; or the tooth is not essential to maintain the integrity of the arch.

Routine dental care, other than to relieve pain and suffering

Routine dental hygiene care, unless the detainee has been in the uninterrupted custody of the USMS for greater than 12 months.

Skin grafts

Surgical discectomy; with or without implant


Transseptal fiberotomy

Treatment for temporomandibular joint dysfunction and disorders,
including surgery and appliances

Upper or lower dentures, except in cases in which the detainee was taken into custody with dentures, and they are broken while he or she is in custody is an official site of the U.S. Federal Government, U.S. Department of Justice