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October 09, 2019

Bryon Carroll, Senior Inspector
District of Oregon (541) 465-6340;

U.S. Marshals Office of Public Affairs (703) 740-1699
U.S. Marshals Target Oregon Sex Offenders During ‘Operation Oregon Trail 3’
Statewide Enforcement with a Focus on Washington County and Lane County

Eugene, OR – Combined efforts of the United States Marshals Service, Oregon State Police, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, the Coburg Police Department, and additional law enforcement agencies led to dozens of arrests and hundreds of sex offender compliance checks in communities across Oregon. From July to September, Operation Oregon Trail 3 targeted non-compliant sex offenders, sex offenders with active warrants, and high-risk sex offenders. Operation personnel worked together to investigate and locate sex offenders, conduct research, develop investigative leads for partner agencies, and update the Oregon sex offender registry. The State of Oregon has approximately 30,900 sex offenders on the Oregon sex offender registry, including approximately 4,200 non-compliant sex offenders. Operation Oregon Trail 3 supported a statewide approach to sex offender enforcement and interagency assistance.

In Washington County, law enforcement arrested 37 sex offenders and conducted compliance checks on 658 sex offenders. In Lane County, law enforcement arrested 15 sex offenders and conducted compliance checks on 127 sex offenders. Operation personnel investigated hundreds of additional Oregon sex offenders – research and investigative leads that resulted in additional arrests and compliance checks.

Investigations during Operation Oregon Trail 3 focused on a variety of state and federal sex offender registration requirements. State cases primarily involved requirements to report address changes, complete annual registrations, and provide accurate information on registration forms. Federal cases primarily involved requirements to register after moving from one state to another state and register 21 days prior to any intended international travel.

Operation Oregon Trail 3 also included an education component. Operation personnel often took extra time to speak with sex offenders and community members, answer any questions, and share information. When appropriate, operation personnel also issued verbal warnings as well as criminal citations in lieu of custody.

The United States Marshals Service is the federal government’s primary law enforcement agency for sex offender and fugitive investigations. Operation Oregon Trail 3 represented the United States Marshal Service’s aggressive enforcement strategy to help ensure the safety of communities and children across the country.

For additional information, please contact Senior Inspector Bryon Carroll by email or phone.

Non-compliant sex offenders include individuals who are in violation of their state or federal sex offender registration requirements. Sex offenders with active warrants include individuals who have state or federal warrants for their arrest. Compliance checks involve law enforcement contacting sex offenders or conducting research to confirm addresses and registration information. All defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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