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December 11, 2013 DUSM Ben Segotta, District of New Mexico (505) 462-2330
Year Long Initiative Comes to a Close

Albuquerque, NM - Throughout the last year the U.S. Marshals Service in New Mexico has been conducting a comprehensive program to establish and/or strengthen its professional relationships with jurisdictions in all thirty three of New Mexico’s counties as well as its twenty two tribal jurisdictions. The program has gone by the name “Operation Eclipse”. During Operation Eclipse the Marshals service has partnered with many different agencies in all corners of the state to conduct enforcement initiatives, operational programs and training designed to promote cooperation between the U.S. Marshals Service, State, County, Tribal and Local agencies.

During Operation Eclipse the U.S. Marshals Service along with its Task Force partners has been responsible for the execution of 1,890 felony warrants. Among those arrested were 13 homicide suspects and 144 suspects arrested for aggravated assault or assault. Also of great importance to the operation was the U.S. Marshals Service’s dedication to Sex Offender Compliance programs and initiatives. During the yearlong operation the United States Marshals Service for the District of New Mexico was involved in the arrest of 77 sex offenders, 14 compliance operations on 22 tribal jurisdictions and 15 county compliance operations. In addition to operational assistance the Marshals Service also provided sex offender task force training and coordination for County, Tribal, State and Federal agencies throughout New Mexico. The Marshals Service was also able to provide training in prisoner handling to county jurisdictions and judicial security training to county and tribal jurisdictions throughout the state.

The United States Marshals Service views Operation Eclipse as success and solid platform on which it will continue to grow professional cooperation and teamwork with its partner agencies in New Mexico. During the upcoming calendar year 2014 the United States Marshals Service will renew its promise of doing everything it can to make the citizens of New Mexico safer and pursuing those that prey on the communities of New Mexico wherever they may run to.

United States Marshal Conrad E. Candelaria said “it is important to recognize the extraordinary efforts and unyielding dedication of the many Marshals Service personnel that were instrumental in the broad achievement and successes that unfolded from Operation Eclipse. From throughout multiple levels, supervisors, Inspectors, administrative components and the District’s Deputy U.S. Marshals, each contributed to the overall success. These efforts, combined with the collaboration and cooperation of many law enforcement partners from local, county, state, tribal and federal agencies; together, forging a coalition that was unstoppable in its effect to reduce violent crime across the entire State of New Mexico. This “force multiplier” worked together to further enhance the safety of our communities, families, and children, regardless of jurisdictional boundaries”.

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