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July 11, 2013 SDUSM Tommy Long
Southern District of Georgia
(912) 652-4577
Federal Fugitive Captured 
Savannah, Georgia – A Savannah man wanted for Conspiracy to Possess with Intent to Distribute and to Distribute Controlled Substances and multiple other charges by the Drug Enforcement Administration and the United States Marshals Service was arrested by the United States Marshals Service and the Atlanta Office of the Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force on July 10, 2013.

Joshua Emanuel Varner, 34,  was indicted in a major drug conspiracy case by the DEA in June 2010.  Varner was one of twenty-one defendants in this case.  All of the other defendants have been prosecuted.  Varner was the lone defendant still at large in this case.  Apprehension authority was delegated to the U.S. Marshals Service in Savannah to locate and arrest.   The U.S. Marshals Offices in both Savannah and Atlanta have conducted an extensive investigation over the last three years to find Varner.  Acting on information generated by the Atlanta U.S. Marshals, the Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force, and the DEA, led them to an address in Atlanta, where they found Varner and arrested him. Three years on the run came to an end for a dangerous fugitive.   Cases like this one re-enforce the motto of the U.S. Marshals Service: “You can run, but you can’t hide”.  The Marshals will work a case until the fugitive is caught whether it’s a week, a month, or three years as in this case. 

Annually, investigations carried out by the U.S. Marshals result in the apprehension of over 36, 000 federal fugitives.  More federal fugitives are arrested by the Marshals Service than all other federal agencies combined.  In 2012, U.S. Marshals led task forces arrested more than 86,000 state and local fugitives, which cleared over 114,000 warrants.

The Marshals Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force has three offices: Atlanta, Macon, and Savannah.  The task force covers the whole state of Georgia.  The Savannah Office of the Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force is a team comprised of investigators from the Georgia Department of Corrections, the Chatham County Sheriff’s Department, the Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police Department, the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles, the McIntosh County Sheriff’s Department, the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department, the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Department, the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Department, and the United States Marshals Service.  The task force objective is to seek out and arrest fugitives charged with violent crimes, drug crimes, sex offenders, and other felonies. 

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