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March 22, 2013 Daniel Leyva, Deputy U.S. Marshal
District of Arizona - Tucson (520)
U.S. Marshals Service Led Operation Southern Star II in Southern Arizona Nets 38 Arrests

Tucson, AZ – From March 19 through 21, the United States Marshals Service in Arizona led Operation Southern Star II, a law enforcement operation targeting fugitives with outstanding felony warrants issued out of Graham and Cochise County in Arizona. These warrants included offenses for violent crimes and narcotic violations. Prior to the roundup, investigative leads were developed and if necessary were sent to other states by investigators with the U.S. Marshals led Arizona WANTED Violent Offender Taskforce to ensure the greatest possibility of apprehension and success for the operation. Over ten federal, state, and municipal law enforcement agencies teamed up in an effort to locate these fugitives. Several arrest teams were dispersed within Graham and Cochise counties and also included a support team operating within Pima County.

Operation Southern Star II netted 38 arrests throughout Arizona; with 16 arrests in Cochise County, 19 arrests in Graham County, five arrests in Pima County and one arrest in Maricopa County.

Below are significant arrests that took place during Operation Southern Star II:

John Marin, age 36, was arrested on March 19 in Graham County for the following offenses: count I, transportation of a dangerous drug for sale; count II, possession of a dangerous drug for sale; count III, possession of a dangerous drug; and count IV, possession of drug paraphernalia. Marin’s criminal history dates back to 1995 and includes arrests for shoplifting, aggravated DUI, possession marijuana/dangerous drugs, disorderly conduct, false reporting to law enforcement, assault, domestic viol, drug paraphernalia, and failure to obey police officers.

Robert Ordaz, age 41, was arrested in Graham County on March 19 for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Ordaz’s extensive criminal history dates back to 1997 and includes arrests for theft, possession of marijuana for sale, possession of a controlled substance while armed, cultivating marijuana and extreme DUI.

Sierra Vista Police Department, Chief Tom Alinen stated, “When local law enforcement agencies team up with the U.S. Marshals, the people who have avoided capture are located and arrested for their criminal behavior. This week’s joint law enforcement operation called Southern Star II with the U.S. Marshals was critical in apprehending these people with felony warrants within our city. These operations make our neighborhoods safer and the Sierra Vista Police Department appreciates and supports any U.S. Marshal enforcement effort in our community.”

United States Marshal for the District of Arizona, David Gonzales said, "One of the primary reasons for conducting fugitive apprehension program such as these is to reduce crime in our communities. Fugitives, until arrested, will commit a myriad of crimes in order to survive."

Cochise County Sheriff, Mark Dannels said, “When local, state and federal law enforcement organizations come together for a common goal such as pursuing those that have chosen to offend our laws, law enforcement partnerships are critical in achieving this common goal. Those individuals wanted by law enforcement for the crime(s) they have committed, these offenders must never feel comfortable and confident that they will not be captured. As the Sheriff of Cochise County, it is my duty and oath that I will protect my citizens from those that choose to violate our citizens and laws set by the people of this state. The recent Southern Star II round-up is an excellent example of law enforcement coming together to remove those individuals from our communities that have violated the rights of others.”

Law enforcement agencies that participated in Operation Southern Star II included: Tucson Police Department, Pima County Adult Probation, U.S. Border Patrol, ICE ERO, Arizona Department of Public Safety, Arizona Department of Corrections, Cochise County Sheriff’s Department, Cochise County Adult Probation, Sierra Vista Police Department, Bisbee Police Department, Douglas Police Department,
Graham County Sheriff’s Department, Graham County Adult Probation Department, and Pima County Sheriff’s Department.

The United States Marshals Service is the nation’s oldest federal law enforcement agency. Annually, U.S. Marshals arrest more than 50 percent of all federal fugitives and serve more federal warrants than all other federal agencies combined.

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