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February 05, 2013 DUSM James Badway, District of New Mexico (505) 938-7550
21 Years on the Run: 5 States, 3 Arrests, 7 Alias and 3 Social Security Numbers

Albuquerque, NM – On February 4, 2013, after 21 years, the United States Marshals Service in Albuquerque, NM, was instrumental in the capture of Brian Washington, ending his flight from justice. Washington has been a fugitive for over 21 years and has moved from state to state starting over and changing his name. On August 12, 1992, a warrant was issued for Brian Washington for violating his Federal Probation. Washington's original arrest and conviction was for Distribution of Crack Cocaine. It was believed at that time that Washington fled NM. Marshals have identified 7 different aliases used by Washington along with 3 different social security numbers. Marshals uncovered that Washington was arrested 3 different times with the latest being in 2011. On all 3 out of state arrests Washington was released without being fingerprinted and positively identified.

A Deputy United States Marshal in Albuquerque was reviewing cold cases when he discovered that Washington was living under an alias in Los Angeles, CA. The Deputy in Albuquerque sent an investigative lead to California and had Washington arrested. Washington was arrested on four additional felony warrants out of the state of Texas, all for white collar crimes. Over the last two decades, Marshals tracked Washington across New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and California. District of New Mexico, United States Marshal, Conrad Candelaria, said "despite the persistence, the deceit, the resistance to avoid apprehension, this fugitive will now answer to the crimes committed and justice long-awaited. Persistence by this fugitive would eventually give way to the commitment and investigative effectiveness of Deputy United States Marshals and its many partners in the law enforcement community".

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