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September 19, 2011 Eastern District of California
Deputy Jason Ferrell (559) 487-5559
Arrest of Alleged Double Homicide Fugitive

El Centro, CA – U.S. Marshal Albert Najera, of the Eastern District of California, announced today that the U.S. Marshals Pacific Southwest Regional Fugitive Task Force (PSWRFTF) arrested 23 year old Yobanni Bonilla. This fugitive was wanted by Fresno County for a Double Homicide, and 3 counts of Attempt Homicide.

During the early morning hours of September 11, 2011, Bonilla and three other unidentified suspects went to a party in the city of Mendota, California. They began to dance with some of the party guests and eventually started trouble with some of the other males at the party. The male party guests decided to leave and go to another party that was nearby. Not long after, Bonilla and his associates left the first party and began driving by the location of the second party several times. They eventually pulled up to the second location and exited the vehicle. Bonilla and one of the other suspects allegedly began shooting at the party guests to include the boys they previously had the altercation with. Two male subjects were killed and three others sustained gunshot wounds. Bonilla and the other suspects fled the area in their vehicle.

Fresno County Sheriff’s Office took over this case as the lead investigative agency. Fresno County is a participant on the U.S. Marshals PSWRFTF. Leads were developed that suggested Bonilla could possibly be staying with family in the area of El Centro, California. Deputies in El Centro were notified about the fugitive and a collateral lead with all applicable information was sent. Deputies in El Centro were quick to respond and began conducting surveillance on a possible residence. One TFO from Fresno County and three Fresno County Detectives traveled the 450 miles from Fresno to El Centro arriving at approximately 4:30am. The team later observed family members of Bonilla leave the residence and a vehicle stop was conducted. After a lengthy interview, it was determined that the fugitive was in the residence. Deputies on the perimeter later observed Bonilla slip out the back of the house. Bonilla was immediately taken into custody as he was trying to walk away from the residence. He was booked into custody on a $5 million dollar warrant for the outstanding charges.

The Pacific Southwest Regional Fugitive Task Force is a U.S. Marshals-sponsored partnership comprised of investigators from federal, state, and local agencies. The main objective of the task force is to seek out and arrest fugitives charged with violent crimes, drug crimes, sex offenders, and other felonies. More fugitives are arrested by the U.S. Marshals Service than all other federal agencies combined. In 2010 investigations carried out by the U.S. Marshals Service resulted in the apprehension of over 36, 000 federal fugitives and more than 81,000 state and local fugitives on felony charges.

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