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August 12, 2011 Amanda Lyons - Deputy U.S. Marshal
Columbia, SC (803) 223-4062
The Chase is Over for Spencer Lewis McDaniel

Columbia, SC- Spencer Lewis McDaniel AKA: “Stone” has been on the run since October 18, 2010 for the fatal shooting death of Germaine Brown off of Walnut Street in the Five Points area of Columbia. McDaniel was named as the alleged shooter and fled the Columbia area as investigators flooded the city in search of him. However, today he was arrested by the Miami Beach Police Department without incident.

Columbia Police Department worked diligently in the search of McDaniel and reached out to Operation Intercept (OPIN), the US Marshals fugitive apprehending task force, in Columbia. OPIN began assisting Columbia Police Department and developed information in January leading them to believe McDaniel may have been in the Miami area. OPIN continued to develop leads and in late July contacted the Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force (FRFTF) in Miami and requested their assistance. Deputy Marshals and task force officers from Miami passed out US Marshals Service Wanted Posters to local law enforcement and in neighborhoods in and around the Miami Beach area.

As the manhunt developed, tips were provided to Deputy Marshals in Columbia advising McDaniel had been in the Miami Beach area and may be using an assumed name of “Michael Taylor”. This information was passed along to the FRFTF and subsequently the local authorities. As McDaniel walked along a local neighborhood street in the Miami Beach area he was noticed by the Miami Beach Police and approached him for identification. McDaniel gave an alias name but further investigation by the determined officers proved fruitful in the positive identity of McDaniel. McDaniel will be housed at the Dade County Detention Center while he awaits extradition.

Kelvin Washington, US Marshal for the District of South Carolina, stated: “Today’s arrest of McDaniel is another example of how far reaching the arms of the US Marshals Service is. The many hours of interviewing and investigating by Columbia Police and the agents of OPIN have brought yet another alleged murderer to justice. We applaud the dedication of Miami Beach Police for their support and professionalism with this arrest. The family of Germaine Brown may rest now knowing the alleged suspect is in custody.”

Chief Randy Scott, Columbia Police Department, stated: “The Columbia Police Department would like to thank the US Marshals Service for its assistance with this homicide investigation. The year anniversary of Mr. Brown’s death will be in the fall. I am grateful that his family can rest a bit easier now knowing that the suspect in this case is behind bars.”

Established in 1789, the United States Marshals Service is the nation’s oldest federal law enforcement agency. In fiscal 2010, the Marshals arrested more than 36,100 federal fugitives, clearing 39,400 felony warrants and arrested 11,072 sex offenders.  Marshal’s Service-led task forces like South Carolina’s Operation Intercept arrested 81,900 state and local fugitives, clearing 108,200 felony warrants. Locally, Operation Intercept arrested over 2,500 South Carolina fugitives during that same period.

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