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February 24, 2011 Alfredo Perez
Deputy U.S. Marshal

Operation Fallen Hero – Operation Bombardier Houston Area Law Enforcement Join Forces To Attack Mexican Cartels and Associates

As part of Operation Fallen Hero-Operation Bombardier, Houston area Federal, State, and local law enforcement officials have joined forces in a series of coordinated strikes against Mexican drug cartels and their associates who operate across the United States.  Operations in Central America, Colombia, and Brazil are also ongoing. Law enforcement counterparts have mobilized to increase pressure on these organizations at every level. This series of operations illustrate the continued resolve and commitment to attack these brutal Mexican cartels and trafficking associates with a unified front.  These efforts have proven successful as illustrated by seizures today in the Houston area of approximately $750,000 in U.S. Currency, 322 pounds of marijuana, 13 kilograms of cocaine, 37 weapons, 10 vehicles, and the arrest of 33 individuals.

“The valiant efforts of our combined law enforcement resources came to bear this morning not by accident, but by necessity.  The DEA, and all of our law enforcement partners, will continue to aggressively disrupt and dismantle the ruthless drug trafficking organizations and their partners in crime who are operating on both sides of the Texas/Mexico border,” said Thomas Hinojosa, Acting Special Agent in Charge of the Houston Division, Drug Enforcement Administration.

Recent tragedies reiterate the need for all of law enforcement to address the violent drug cartels in Mexico, their associates in the United States, and other criminal elements we face.  As we move forward with a unified effort against the Mexican cartels, we do so with our law enforcement and international partners beside us.  Challenging the status quo and holding the traffickers accountable has been a hallmark of President Calderon’s government.  Our counterparts on the front line in Mexico have shared in these tragic sacrifices losing many dedicated officers in this fight.

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