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September 23, 2009 U.S. Marshal James M. Wahlrab (614) 469-5540
U.S. Marshals Service – Protecting Americans for 220 Years
The 220th Anniversary of the United States Marshals Service

220 LogoJames M. Wahlrab, United States Marshal for the Southern District of Ohio, is proud to announce the 220th Anniversary of the United States Marshals Service on September 24, 2009. The United States Marshals Service is our nation’s oldest and most versatile federal law enforcement agency, who occupies a unique and valued position in our country’s history, and in our criminal justice system. The dedication and perseverance exhibited by United States Marshals Service employees during the past 220 years can be described by one general theme, “Longevity does not breed success. Success breeds longevity.”

As part of the Judiciary Act, approved by Congress on September 24, 1789, entitled, “An Act to establish the Judicial Court of the United States”, the Act directed the appointment of United States Marshals to support the new federal court system, and launched the United States Marshals Service. Established on September 24, 1789, when President George Washington signed the Judiciary Act into law, the U.S. Marshals Service has grown from the 13 original U.S. Marshals to a force of 4,700 dedicated employees carrying out missions as varied as apprehending fugitives, housing and transporting prisoners, protecting witnesses and federal judges, and managing and selling seized assets.

During the past 220 years, United States Marshals and their Deputies have executed warrants, distributed presidential proclamations, registered enemy aliens in time of war, helped conduct the national census, protected the President and the Federal Courts, provided for the custody and transportation of federal prisoners, maintained and disposed of seized and forfeited properties, ensured the safe conduct of judicial proceedings, protected Federal Judges, jurors and other members of the Federal Judiciary, provided for the security of federal courthouses, and of federal witnesses, and directed and coordinated regional, state and local fugitive task forces to apprehend dangerous fugitives.

In conjunction with this historic event, the Honorable Ted Strickland, Governor of the State of Ohio, has officially recognized September 24, 2009 to be “U.S. Marshals Day” in Ohio, by Proclamation, and encourages all to join in this observance.

In addition, Ohio United States Senator Sherrod Brown and United States Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge have also extended official Proclamations and Commendations to the United States Marshals Service recognizing this historical date.

United States Marshals and Deputies have served in Ohio since the early 1790’s, with offices located with the federal courts in Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Cleveland, Toledo, Akron and Youngstown. In the early 1900’s, the state of Ohio was divided into northern and southern federal districts, and the current Southern District of Ohio houses U.S. Marshals and the federal court system in Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton, and is comprised of the lower 48 counties in Ohio.

United States Marshal James Wahlrab proudly notes, “The operational and administrative personnel in the Southern District of Ohio continue to uphold our priorities of justice, integrity, and service with dedication and utmost professionalism. We proudly serve our diverse communities and celebrate the rich history forged by our predecessors. As we set our priorities for the future, we recognize we can not be successful without the support and cooperation of our judiciary, Court Security Officers, fugitive task force partners, federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, and most importantly, the citizens we serve on a daily basis, not only in Southern Ohio, but throughout the entire country.”

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