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For Immediate Release

February 20, 2009

District of Idaho
Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Kevin M. Platts (208) 334-1298

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and Boise, ID – Mexican Immigration officials and Deputy U.S. Marshals worked together to arrest a U.S. Parole violator in Mexico after 6 years on the run.

Scott David Steel was wanted by the U.S. Marshals for a U.S. Parole Violation and was arrested by Mexican Immigration officials. Steel was originally convicted for murdering a man camping in Glacier National Park in 1984. Steel, originally sentenced to life in prison on the murder conviction was paroled after serving 16 years in prison. Steel lived in the Twin Falls area from 2000 to 2003 and absconded from supervision to Mexico.

U.S. Marshal Patrick E. McDonald commented that, “With the help of the Mexican Immigration officials and the U.S. Marshals using their international resources, this criminal was arrested in Mexico after 6 years on the lamb. Even if you run to Mexico, but have a persistent Deputy U.S. Marshal on your trail . . . the long arm of the law will get you one day. The U.S. Marshals have a fantastic working relationship with Mexican government officials in order to make the world a safe and better place to live.”

Steel is pending deportation from Mexico and will be returned to the United States of America through Los Angeles, Calif. within the next couple of days.

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