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September 06, 2006

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Ralph James PHILLIPSThe United States Marshals Service has named Ralph "Bucky" Phillips as the newest addition to its “15 Most Wanted” list today, stepping up the agency's efforts to bring him to justice. The Marshals have obtained a federal warrant for unlawful flight and are assisting the New York State Police. The Marshals Service will employ its comprehensive nationwide network of regional and district fugitive task forces and the Technical Operations Group.

Phillips is wanted in connection with the murder and attempted murder of three New York State Troopers this summer, including the shooting of two state troopers on August 31, near the village of Fredonia, NY. One Trooper was killed in that attack. Phillips, 44, is six feet tall and weighs approximately 200 pounds. A career burglar and car thief, he is being sought for escaping from an Erie County, New York correctional facility in April of this year. Since his escape he is suspected of various crimes including the theft of over a dozen cars, burglarizing stores and homes for food and supplies, and the shootings of the three State Troopers. Phillips is also a suspect in the recent break-in of an upstate New York gun shop where more than two dozen guns were taken.

“Today, Ralph ‘Bucky’ Phillips has placed himself onto the United States Marshals ‘Most Wanted Fugitives’ list in the most violent way possible. This accused murderer and escapee has shown he is as dangerous as he is desperate,” said Marshals Service Director John Clark. “As such, Phillips is a major threat to the safety of communities throughout an entire region. I am placing his name at the top of our national fugitive list, and have ordered specially trained investigators from the Marshals Service’s regional and district fugitive task forces to work with our colleagues in the New York State Police to catch this dangerous fugitive.”

While announcing his agency's increased support to assist the New York State Police, Director John Clark said, "The escalating violence should show anyone inclined to assist Phillips that he is a very dangerous man." The Marshals Service has added $25,000 to the $225,000 award already offered for information that leads to the apprehension of Phillips. Anyone with information on the suspect’s location is asked to call the New York State Police Command Post at 716-679-1549.

Last year, Marshals apprehended more than 35,500 federal fugitives, clearing 38,500 federal felony warrants, more than all other federal law enforcement agencies combined. Working with authorities at federal, state and local levels, Marshals-led fugitive task forces arrested an additional 44,000 state and local fugitives, clearing 51,200 state and local felony warrants.

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