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U.S. Marshals Service

Court Security Contractors 

The following chart outlines the businesses that have been awarded Court Security Contracts.
Circuit Contract # Contractor
1st Circuit DJM-15-A32-V-0046 Walden Security
2nd Circuit 15M20018DA3200002 Akal Security, Inc.
3rd Circuit DJM-16-A32-V-0021 Paragon Systems
4th Circuit DJM-16-A32-V-0022 Paragon Systems
5th Circuit DJM-15-A32-V-0047 Walden Security
6th Circuit DJM-15-A32-V-0006 Walden Security
7th Circuit* DJM-15-A32-V-0007 Akal Security, Inc.
8th Circuit DJM-15-A32-V-0048 Walden Security
9th Circuit 15M20018DA3200009 Centerra Group
10th Circuit 15M20018DA3200010 Paragon Systems
11th Circuit* DJM-15-A32-V-0011 Akal Security, Inc.
12th Circuit DJM-16-A32-V-0023 Paragon Systems

*7th Circuit - C/IL DJM-17-A32-V-0026 APSI - Centerra
*11th Circuit - N/FL DJM-17-A32-V-0017APSI -Centerra is an official site of the U.S. Federal Government, U.S. Department of Justice