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U.S. Marshals Service

Judicial Security 


COVID-19 Information

Court Orders and Updates During COVID-19 Pandemic -
This page (created and maintained by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts) provides a list of links to all federal court websites, as well as links to court orders and other information posted to the courts’ websites regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and court business including operating status and public and employee safety.

The United States Marshals Service, Judicial Security Division (JSD), is committed to the protection of the judicial process by ensuring the safe and secure conduct of judicial proceedings, and protecting federal judges, jurors, and other members of the federal judiciary. Protecting court officials and safeguarding the public is a responsibility that permits no errors. It is a comprehensive effort accomplished by anticipating and deterring threats to the judiciary, and by continuously developing and employing innovative protective tactics.

Senior Inspectors, Deputy Marshals, and Court Security Officers (CSOs) provide security for federal court facilities in each of the 94 judicial districts and 12 circuits of the U.S. Court of Appeals. USMS protects more than 2,700 sitting judges and approximately 30,300 federal prosecutors and court officials, along with members of the public who visit and work in federal courthouses nationwide. JSD manages contracts for over 5,600 CSOs, maintains more than 1,600 residential security systems in judges’ personal residences, and as the physical security provider to over 860 federal facilities, the USMS develops, manages, and implements security systems and screening equipment that protect each courthouse.

Explicit threats and inappropriate communications against the judiciary, U.S. Attorneys, and other court officers are assessed to determine the level of danger. In FY 2020, the USMS responded to 4,261 facility incidents and managed the design, installation, repair and replacement of 110 security projects, totaling $93.7 million, to address vulnerabilities to judicial personnel and facilities.

USMS judicial security personnel provide the latest in state-of-the-art protective techniques and equipment in all phases of court proceedings, threat situations, and judicial conferences, thus ensuring rapid and safe responses in emergency situations as well as unobtrusive surveillance and protection during routine judicial security operations.

JSD Program Office Descriptions:

Administrative Support Center

The Administrative Support Center (ASC) enhances business operations within the Judicial Security Division and provides administrative support services to over 200 division employees. ASC staff coordinates small procurements, human resources activities, employee development, property accountability, fleet management, special projects, congressional and departmental correspondence, records management, and other administrative functions.

Business Integration Center

The Business Integration Center’s (BIC’s) mission is to transform the Judicial Security Division’s workforce and business practices to meet the challenges of today and forecast the demands of tomorrow. BIC is a dedicated support structure singularly focused on optimizing performance and efficiency. It leverages data to develop informed business processes, policies, training, and organizational performance standards. BIC also supports the division’s quality assurance, risk management, and compliance function through data analysis.

Office of Court Security

The Office of Court Security (OCS) is the United States Marshals Service’s preeminent expert on facility security. OCS ensures the protection of the federal judicial process through screening and protection at all federal court facilities. OCS activities ensure the day-to-day security of all those who participate in the federal judicial process, including members of the public. OCS is dedicated to this responsibility through strategic development, implementation, and enhancements of the nationwide Court Security Officer (CSO) program, which consists of more than 5,600 contractors. The CSO is typically the first line of interior defense for the “Third Branch” of the United States Government.

Office of Financial Management

The Office of Financial Management’s (OFM’s) mission is to help the Judicial Security Division maximize the use of government resources. OFM provides financial advisory and management support to program offices within the Judicial Security Division. OFM is responsible for all budget and financial aspects of the Judicial Facility Security Program and exercises daily oversight of the program budget. The United States Marshals Service receives an annual funding transfer from the Administrative Office of the United States Courts for the purpose of implementing a court security program at federal courthouses throughout the country.

Office of Protective Intelligence

The Office of Protective Intelligence (OPI) is the United States Marshals Service’s preeminent expert on all matters pertaining to protective intelligence. OPI’s core mission is to provide direct support to field investigators and headquarters components to ensure all threats to protected persons, facilities, and events are thoroughly investigated, assessed, and mitigated in a timely fashion. OPI provides support primarily through a combination of traditional and cyber investigative guidance, threat analysis and assessment, threat mitigation consultation, and counter-surveillance support. The OPI Threat Management Center is the agency’s central repository for all threat information, assessments, and investigations.

Office of Protective Operations

The Office of Protective Operations (OPO) is the United States Marshals Service’s preeminent expert on physical protection. OPO provides subject matter expertise, guidance, and direct action support to district offices on high-threat/-profile proceedings and risk-/threat-based protective operations. The footprint is national, covering all twelve federal judicial circuits across the country. OPO is also currently responsible for two permanent risk-based protection details for the Deputy United States Attorney General and the United States Secretary of Education. These permanent details allow the protected to perform their duties and carry out their responsibilities without trepidation.

Office of Security Contracts

The Office of Security Contracts (OSC) performs contract administration for the Court Security Officer, National Physical Security, and Home Intrusion Detection Systems contracts. OSC obtains the best quality products and services for the protection of the judiciary. OSC provides sound business guidance, oversight, and contract administration to customers and stakeholders while adhering to federal regulations and Department of Justice and United States Marshals Service policy. OSC performs cradle-to-grave contracting; it is responsible for the entire range of acquisition functions from pre-award planning to contract closeout.

Office of Security Systems

The Office of Security Systems (OSS) is the United States Marshals Service’s preeminent expert on security systems, including physical access controls. OSS is responsible for designing, installing, and maintaining efficient, cost-effective physical security systems for the protection of the federal judiciary, judicial employees, courthouse visitors, and judicial facilities. These security measures ensure the safe operation of court business without hindering the efficiency of the judicial process. OSS evaluates hazards and threats, identifies appropriate countermeasures, and provides expert project management throughout installation. Additionally, OSS provides state-of-the-art screening equipment for Court Security Officers (CSOs).

National Center for Judicial Security

The National Center for Judicial Security (NCJS) provides subject matter expertise, training, and development for worldwide endeavors related to court security, the protection of the judicial family, and securing the rule of law. NCJS is crafted to serve the various needs of national and international law enforcement entities and judiciaries in multiple critical areas, such as behavioral analysis, research and development, training, and intrusion detection. The products and services offered by NCJS are designed to assist both security teams and protected persons. NCJS provides a wide range of support services to municipal, city, county, state, federal, and international jurisdictions related to judicial security operations. NCJS’ efforts serve as a force multiplier through standardization of tactics, techniques, and procedures, and contribute to a stronger, more unified global court security strategy. is an official site of the U.S. Federal Government, U.S. Department of Justice