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U.S. Marshals Service

Florida/Caribbean Regional Fugitive Task Force

Top Ten Fugitives


Fugitives by Office

BRASWELL, Harry Dana

Name:  BRASWELL, Harry Dana

Offense(s):  Escape, Murder

Point of Contact:  Tampa Office (813) 483-4250

ETIENNE, Mercelin

Name:  ETIENNE, Mercelin

Offense(s):  Rape with a Weapon

Point of Contact:  Fort Lauderdale Office (954) 356-7256

GONZALEZ, Ramon Luis

Name:  GONZALEZ, Ramon Luis

Offense(s):  Homicide

Point of Contact:  Orlando Office (407) 316-5500

ISAAC, Wesnel

Name:  ISAAC, Wesnel

Offense(s):  Homicide (3 Counts)

Point of Contact:  Fort Myers Office (239) 337-0002

JEWELL, George Albert Kelly

Name:  JEWELL, George Albert Kelly

Offense(s):  Violation of Parole, 1st Degree Murder

Point of Contact:  Tallahassee Office (850) 942-9670

MARTINEZ, Juan Carlos

Name:  MARTINEZ, Juan Carlos

Offense(s):  Homicide

Point of Contact:  Fort Pierce Office (772) 293-0650


Name:  PORTILLO, Luis

Offense(s):  1st Degree Homicide

Point of Contact:  Miami Office (786) 433-6524

TEAGUE, Randy Wayne

Name:  TEAGUE, Randy Wayne

Offense(s):  Homicide

Point of Contact:  Jacksonville Office (904) 301-6675

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