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CHISM, Larry Porter
Failure to Serve Federal Sentence
ALIASES:   Kenneth Brookins, Jack Coffman

Larry Chism

SEX: 			Male              
RACE: 			White          
DATE OF BIRTH:		December 19, 1948
PLACE OF BIRTH:   	Forrest City, Arkansas
HEIGHT:           	5'10"
WEIGHT:           	160 LBS
EYES:             	Brown
HAIR:             	Black
SKINTONE:             	Medium
SCARS/TATTOOS:  	Scars on Rights and Left Arms
WARRANT ISSUED:   	Middle District of Tennessee
DATE OF WARRANT:  	February 11, 1988
CHARGE: 		Racketeering, including
			murder, firearms explosives,
			arson, narcotics trafficking.
ORIGINAL CHARGE: 	Kidnapping, Airplane Hijacking	


CHISM is wanted for charges stemming from his Escape from the Lonoke County Jail in Arkansas in
December 1978. He was serving a 40 year state sentence for armed robbery and narcotics violations and
an additional 30 year federal sentence for kidnapping and airplane hijacking.  During a previous escape,
CHISM shot and seriously wounded a correctional officer.

NOTICE: Before arrest, verify warrant through the National Crime Information Center (NCIC). If arrested or whereabouts known contact the nearest United States Marshals Service office or call the United States Marshals Service Headquarters at 1 (800) 336-0102.

For more information see the U.S. Marshals Service website www.usmarshals.gov.