15 Most Wanted
WOODS, Trevor Damaurn
Federal Probation Violation, Robbery
ALIASES: Trevor DAVIS; Derrick JOHNSON; Trevor WOODS; Roderick CRAFORD; Rogeric CRAWFORD

Trevor Damaurn WOODS

SEX: 			Male              
RACE: 			Black          
DATE OF BIRTH:		December 04, 1967
PLACE OF BIRTH:   	CA - Los Angeles
HEIGHT:           	6'00"
WEIGHT:           	190 LBS
EYES:             	Brown
HAIR:             	Black
SCARS/TATTOOS:		TAT Left Arm - "Mona"
        		Subject has a lazy left eye		

Wanted For: 	  Federal Probation Violation, Robbery      
Warrant Issued:   U.S. District Court;
                  Northern District of Oklahoma; and 
                  Los Angeles County Superior Court
Warrant Number:   W674957010
Date of Warrant:  Northern District Of Oklahoma (06/28/01)
                  LA County Superior Court (07/13/01)


WOODS should be considered armed and dangerous due to past violent tendencies. WOODS
is wanted by the Los Angeles Police Department, Beverly Hills Police Department, and the
Culver City Police Department for approximately 100 Robberies during the past two years. WOODS has used a firearm during the commission of his crimes. On a number of occasions
he has physically assaulted his victims. WOODS is also wanted for a federal probation violation
in the Northern District of Oklahoma.

NOTICE: Before arrest, verify warrant through the National Crime Information Center (NCIC). If arrested or whereabouts known, contact the nearest United States Marshals Service office or call the United States Marshals Service Headquarters at 1 (800) 336–0102.