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Operation FALCON 2009: Federal and Local Cops Organized Nationally

Updated July 09, 2009

"I am pleased to announce the results of our sixth Operation FALCON, a national violent crime reduction program that aims to make our nation and our communities a safer place.

Conducted during the month of June, it has set the record for the largest number of violent criminals to be captured in a 30-day period. In fact I believe it can be called the largest law enforcement operation ever conducted in our history."

-- John Clark, U.S. Marshals Service Director

In June 2009, the U.S. Marshals teamed with its partners from federal, state, and local law enforcement to engage in the record-breaking Operation FALCON 2009 (Federal And Local Cops Organized Nationally). This initiative represented the sixth effort in a continuing series of historically successful national fugitive apprehension missions, which have resulted in the collective capture of more than 91,000 dangerous fugitive felons.

As in previous years, Operation FALCON 2009 was a nationwide fugitive apprehension initiative. Participating District and Regional Task Forces were able to schedule their operations throughout the month of June, thus allowing optimal participation by their federal, state, county, and local law enforcement partners.

Over a four week period, U.S. Marshals, assisted by federal, state and local law enforcement, arrested 35,190 fugitives and cleared 47,418 warrants as part of Operation FALCON 2009, resulting in the most successful fugitive apprehension initiative in Marshals Service history. Collectively, the fugitives arrested during the operation have a history of 138,220 prior arrests.

For more information, refer to the original - FALCON I Operation, the FALCON II, FALCON III, FALCON 2007 and FALCON 2008.

As in prior operations, an emphasis was placed on the capture of violent offenders, gang members and sex offenders. Operation FALCON 2009 is a component of the U.S. Marshals Service's Violent Crime Reduction Strategy.





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