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U.S. Marshals Service

USMS Employees - Government Shutdown Resources

This guidance/information can be used as needed by U.S. Marshals Service employees who may be impacted financially by the current shutdown furlough.

  • Certifying and Validating T&As Guidance (01/27/19)
  • Human Resources Division Return to Work Guidance (01/26/19)
  • Return to Work Guidance (01/25/19) 

    As you may be aware, the press is reporting that a budget agreement has been reached which will reopen the government for three weeks.  When the agreement is signed by the President, we will send via email, Return to Work Notices to all United States Marshals Service (USMS) employees and post the same notice on the Internet.  Please monitor your email for receipt of that notice as it could be over the weekend.  Assuming the Continuing Resolution (CR) is signed, you are to return to work on your next scheduled work day.  For most of us, that will likely be Monday, January 28th.  Note, however, that if the CR is signed tonight, some could be returning to work on Saturday, January 26th.  The USMS has determined that your first day of work can be an unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework day if you need to make any personal arrangements in order to return.  Please contact your supervisor to coordinate.  Please be aware that there is likely to be a short turnaround time on processing timecards.  We are awaiting instructions but expect the guidance will be to process at least one pay period as of Monday, January 28th.   

  • Guidance for Furloughed and Excepted Employees (01-24-19)
  • Revised Notification (01-18-19)

    Revised notifications have been posted to the USMS Intranet and Internet sites for Non-Excepted (furloughed) and Excepted-Not Funded employees in order to amend the mailing address for Susan Gibson, Associate Counsel, under the Notice of Appeal Rights section of the notificationsIf the notification(s) applicable to the employee was signed and submitted previously, there is no need to sign and submit again.  However, if you printed the notification previously for your records, please print the new notification with the amended address as a replacement.  For any employee who has not acknowledged a furlough letter, they may do so at any time, to include when they return from the lapse.  Employees are not required to report in order to sign the acknowledgement.  POC:  DAD Brown-Ghee

  • Special Information for Furloughed Employees (01-17-19)
  • Shutdown Furlough Decision Notice (01-15-19)
  • Shutdown Furlough Decision Notice - Excepted Employee (01-15-19)

The following links provide information on Unemployment Insurance:

The following are letters that employees may use, if needed, when working with creditors.

Furlough Impact Benefits Chart (01-02-2019)

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