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U.S. Marshals Service

Eastern District of Wisconsin

Prisoner Marriage Information


USMS requires the following steps for Prisoner Marriages:

  • Prisoner must serve at least thirty (30) days at the detention facility prior to requesting marriage.
  • The Assistant U.S. Attorney assigned to the case to ascertain whether the marriage would undermine the case.
  • The USMS will contact the U.S. Attorney/Assistance U.S. Attorney assigned to the case to ascertain whether the marriage would undermine the case.
  • Contact management at jail about the facility’s policy or procedure regarding inmate marriages. USMS will defer to the detention facility’s policy or procedure. The USMS will NOT make any attempt to supersede the policy of the detention facility.
  • If the jail does not allow marriages the USMS will NOT move you to a facility that does. The USMS has and continues the right to move any and all prisoners based on USMS needs.
  • Prisoners will be denied permission for marriage if less than thirty (30) days away from sentencing.
  • If request is rejected, prisoner should seek out interests in marriage once they are designated to their Bureau of Prisons facility.
  • The person with whom prisoner wishes to marry must obtain all marriage licenses and paperwork from the county in which prisoner is housed (i.e. if prisoner is housed in Dodge County Jail, fiancé must obtain the paperwork in Dodge County).
  • If granted permission your current facility will decide time, place, guests, etc. based on requirements of the USMS and/or the facilities policies.
  • All costs incurred during any stage of the marriage will be the responsibility of the prisoner. Costs include, but are not limited to; paperwork fees, security reimbursements on man hours, traveling expenses, etc.
  • The USMS reserves the right to reject any requests without appeal, protest or explanation.


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