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U.S. Marshals Service

District of Vermont


The United States Marshal Office in Burlington was established on March 4, 1791 under the appointment of U.S. Marshal Lewis R. MORRIS.  The district covers the entire state of Vermont.  The headquarters is located in Chittenden County (Burlington) with field offices located in Windham County (Brattleboro) and Rutland County (Rutland).  The following is a listing of former United States Marshals for the District of Vermont.





MORRIS, Lewis R. Appointed 03/04/1791
FITCH, Jabez G. Appointed 06/09/1794
WILLARD, John Appointed 03/11/1801
ROBINSON, David Appointed 01/07/1811
ALLEN, Heman Appointed 12/14/1818
EDSON, Joseph Appointed 03/03/1823
LOWRY, Heman Appointed 06/06/1829
BAKER, George W. Appointed 12/30/1835
LOWRY, Heman Appointed 03/07/1837
BARRON, William Appointed 03/10/1841
KENT, Jacob, Jr. Appointed 03/15/1845
PETTES, John Appointed 03/13/1849
CHAPIN, Charles Appointed 04/01/1853
PARTRIDGE, Lewis S. Appointed 05/02/1857
BALDWIN, C.C.P. Appointed 04/12/1861
HENRY, Hugh H. Appointed 05/14/1866
FOSTER, George P. Appointed 01/24/1870
HENRY, William W. Appointed 04/10/1879
ROBINSON, John Appointed 06/24/1886
AMSDEN, Rollin Appointed 06/18/1890
HARRIS, Emory S. Appointed 06/09/1894
FIELD, Fred A. Appointed 06/14/1898
CHAPMAN, Frank H. Appointed 10/16/1903
BAILEY, Horace W. Appointed 10/21/1903
CARPENTER, Arthur P. Appointed 02/14/1914
HARVEY, Albert W. Appointed 06/02/1922
BURKE, Edward L. Appointed 06/07/1935
PERRY, Dewey H. Appointed 03/06/1954
SORELL, Thomas W. Appointed 08/03/1961
HANSEN, Christian Appointed 06/20/1969
McLAUGHLIN, Earle B. Appointed 07/28/1977
HANSEN, Christian, Jr. Appointed 03/17/1982
ROUILLE, John Edward Appointed 09/29/1994
SINCLAIR, John H. Appointed 11/29/1999
EDWARDS, John R. Appointed 03/18/2002
DEMAG, David E.  Appointed 08/18/2009 is an official site of the U.S. Federal Government, U.S. Department of Justice