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U.S. Marshals Service

Western District of Texas

Area of Service

Map of Texas


Profiled Fugitives: Do you have information on these fugitives?  Anyone with information is urged to contact the nearest USMS District Office, the U.S. Marshals Service Communications Center at 1-800-336-0102, or submit a tip using USMS Tips.

 CALZADA, Peter  CASAREZ, Robert A.  ESPARZA, Carlos Alberto  GARCIA, George  GARCIA, Ricardo
 GITTENS, Kerry   LOPEZ Jr., Jorge  LOPEZ, Ralph  LUSENA, John  MABRY, Alijahwon Da Reese
 MENDOZA Jr., Ramon  NIELSEN, Barry Craig  ORTA, Armando ORTIZ, Vicente  OSORIO, Rogelio Jaimes 
 OWENS-GONZALES, Luis James  RAMIREZ-BARAJAS, Candelario  WESTBROOK, David Andres RAMIREZ, Alejandro   RAMOS-CORNEJO, Sergio Armando
RENDON, Alonso   RODRIGUEZ, Anselmo  SMITH, Roy Wilson   SOLIS, Enrique  VILLEGAS, Julio
 EDWARDS, Christopher  BREWSTER, Guadalupe  CHAVARRIA, Joshua Manuel  KIRKAND, Michael Anthony  CASADO-RODRIGUEZ, Edjuardo Jose
 GARCIA, Joann  TAMEZ, Pete  TONDRE, Kevin Frank  GUAJARDO, Isidro  GARCIA, Alfredo
 PEREZ, David  MACIEL, Guillermo  ARELLANO, Ricky Anthony  GONZALES, Alexandria Jasmine  
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