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U.S. Marshals Service

Eastern District of Tennessee -  Fugitive Investigations


Maria AGUILAR Name:  Maria AGUILAR

Alias(es):  Isabel ACEVEDO-ZAMORA

Offense(s):  Distribution of Marijuana

Date of Warrant:  September 08, 1994

Point of Contact:  DUSM R. Fields,  (865) 545-4182  Ext. 236

Aubrey Lee ATMAN

Name:  Aubrey Lee ATMAN

Alias(es):  Aubrey Lee ATMAR, William J. TORRES, Eric ANDERSON, Adam NIELSON, David CARERRA, Adam James NISEN, Michael LARIVEE, Aubrey VANHATTEN.

Offense(s):  Probation Violation

Date of Warrant:  March 25, 1996

Point of Contact:  DUSM J. Tarwater, (865) 545-4182  Ext. 231

Gabriel Alcazar GARCIA Name:  Gabriel Alcazar GARCIA

Offense(s):  Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana

Date of Warrant:  December 02, 1998

Point of Contact:   DUSM R. Fields, (865) 545-4182  Ext. 236

Terry Lee Knight Name:  Terry Lee KNIGHT

Offense(s):  Distribution of Cocaine

Date of Warrant:  April 11, 2006

Point of Contact:  DUSM K. Burke (423) 638-3391 Ext. 1410

Ricky Joe LEE Name:  Ricky Joe LEE

Offense(s):  Distribution of Marijuana

Date of Warrant:  July 02, 2002

Point of Contact:  DUSM B. Gambill,  (865) 545-4182   Ext. 227 is an official site of the U.S. Federal Government, U.S. Department of Justice