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U.S. Marshals Service

District of South Dakota

United States Marshal Gene G. Abdallah

Gene G. Abdallah


Gene G. Abdallah (R) was appointed United States Marshal for the District of South Dakota on March 9, 1982 and again 1986 by President Ronald Reagan, and September 15, 1990, by President George H. W. Bush.

Gene Abdallah's law enforcement career began in 1960 as jailer in Minnehaha County, advancing to Chief Deputy Sheriff in 1968.  After working in the private sector, Gene returned to law enforcement in 1982, when President Ronald Regan appointed him to be the 17th United States Marshal for South Dakota.  He held this position for 12 years.  Gene was one of the longest serving United States Marshals in South Dakota history, having been reappointed in 1986 by President Reagan, and again in 1990 by President George Bush. 

In 1995, Governor Bill Janklow appointed Gene to Superintendent of the South Dakota Highway Patrol, the state's largest law enforcement agency.  Gene retired from law enforcement in January 2000.

In November 2001, Gene was voted in as SD State Representative, a position he held until he was appointed to the State Senate July 1, 2002, and was re-elected again as SD State Senator (R) on November 2, 2004, presently holding that position.

One of Abdallah's most notable accomplishments during his years in law enforcement and SD State Legislature was his charity work involving the less fortunate children in South Dakota. He was instrumental in raising over $1,000,000 over 26 years that has been given to various children's charities.

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