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U.S. Marshals Service

District of Puerto Rico


Wilson, Edward S. June 5, 1900(C)
April 27, 1904(C)
Original Appointment
Hubbard, Harry S. April 1, 1905(R)
December 19, 1905(C)
January 25, 1910(C)
Wilson (Resigned)
Bennett, William R. March 2, 1915(C)
July 15, 191 9(C)
Hubbard (Term Expired)
Hindle, Henry May 19, 1922(C.A.) Bennett (Resigned)
Hubbard, Harry S. August 5, 1922(C)
February 4, 1927(C)
February 6, 1931 (C)
Hindle (C.A.)
Draughton, Donald A November 10, 1933(C.A.)
February 23, 1934(C)
May 10, 1938(C)
July 3, 1942(C)
July 27, 1946(C)
July 29, 1950(C)
Hubbard (Resigned)
Buxo, Santos, Jr. August 12, 1955(R)
March 2, 1956(C)
March 10, 1960(C)
August 15, 1964(C)
Draughton (Term Expired)
Lopez, Jose A. August 3, 1970(C.A.)
August 13, 1970(C)
December 18, 1974(C)
August 1, 1979(C)
Buxo (Retired)
Salazar, Robert P. March 26, 1984(C.A.) Lopez (Term Expired)
Wirshing-Rodriguez, Herman November 8, 1 Q85(C.A.)
May 9, 1986(C)
Salazar (C.A.)
Soto, Esteban December 6, 2007 (C) Wirshing-Rodriguez (Term Expired)
Timberman, Eric    
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