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U.S. Marshals Service

Eastern District of Pennsylvania

Task Force Information 

Task Force Name: High Density Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA)
Purpose: Federal National Drug Control Enforcement Command Agency
Participants: Deputy U.S. Marshal Kanti Somani, Philadelphia Police Department, Drug Enforcement Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, INS, SS, Camden Police Department, Pennsylvania State Police.
Contact Phone Number: (215) 560-1652
Task Force Name: U.S. Marshal Philadelphia Fugitive Task Force
Purpose: Multi Agency Fugitive Investigation
Participants: Camden Co, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia Police Dept, State Parole, Pennsylvania State Police
Contact Phone Number: (215) 597-4204
Task Force Name: U.S. Marshal and Reading / Berks County Fugitive Task Force, Lancaster County Fugitive Task Force
Purpose: Fugitive Investigation and Apprehension
Participants: Berks County Sheriffs Office, Reading Police Department,  Pennsylvania State Police, Pennsylvania State Parole, Lancaster City CID, Allentown Police Dept, Northampton County Sheriffs Office, CI Hicks/Stifler/Trevino/Hannevic.
Contact Phone Number: (610) 320-5158
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