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U.S. Marshals Service

History of Western District of New York

The United States Marshal Office in Buffalo was established on May 12, 1900.  The following is a listing of former United States Marshals for the Western District of New York




COMPTON, William Appointed June 5, 1900
FASSETT, Henry L. Appointed May 2, 1912
LYNN, John D. Appointed October 25, 1915
FRITSCH, Joseph Jr. Appointed January 22, 1924
BLACKFORD, Frank C. Appointed June 20, 1936
MORGAN, Ray A. Appointed February 15, 1949
GLASSER, George M.. Appointed March 6, 1954
GROSSMAN, Alvin Appointed January 30, 1962
KING, Edward S. Appointed August 13, 1970
St. GEORGE, Joseph I. Appointed July 14, 1978
WRIGHT, Daniel B. Appointed December 10, 1982
McCAFFREY, John P. Appointed June 9, 1994
LAWRENCE, Peter A. Appointed August 2002
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