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U.S. Marshals Service

District of New Hampshire

Fugitive of the Week - Captured or Surrendered Fugitives (2011)

  SWEENEY, David Andrew (Captured)
David Sweeney
Antonio Maddox (Captured)
Antonio Maddox
David HOBSON (Captured)
David Hobson
Captured 12/06/11
BRYANT, John Curry (Captured)
John Curry Bryant
Captured 11/29/11

Michael Polchies (Captured)
Michael Polchies
Captured 11/15/11

ROBINSON, Kimberly Ann (Captured)
Kimberly Robinson
Captured 10/31/11

MELLO, Mark Joseph (Captured)
Mark Joseph Mello
Captured 10/28/11
Kyle Ainsley (Captured)
Kyle Ainsley
Captured 10/27/11
PLOOF, Timothy L. (Captured)
Timothy Ploof
Captured 09/11
DEMBY, Karvin (Captured)
Darvin Kemby
Captured 09/28/11
Joshua Prue (Captured)
Joshua Prue
Captured 09/20/11
Yvonne Thrasher (Captured)
Yvonne Thrasher Captured 09/16/11
DAVIS, Joshua (Captured)
Joshua Davis
Captured 09/15/11
Theodore French (Captured)
Theodore French
Captured 09/01/11
Manny Brazil (Captured)
Manny Brazil
Captured 08/31/11
Raymond Carbone (Captured)
Raymond Carbone Jr.
Captured 08/03/11
Michelle Harvey (Captured)
Michelle Harvey
Captured 06/27/11
Dustin Gray (Captured)
Dustin Gray
Captured 06/24/11

Rafael Corniel
Captured 06/14/11
James McNeil (Captured)
James McNeil
Captured 06/10/11
Beau Shields (Captured)
Beau Shields
Captured 06/08/11
Kishawn Tyler (Captured)
Kishawn Tyler
Captured 06/07/11
Elvin Mayo (Captured)
Elvin Mayo
Captured 05/24/11
James Johnson (Captured)
James Johnson
Captured 05/16/11
Jeremy Raymond (Captured)
Jeremy Raymond
Captured 05/05/11
Alen Garceau (Captured)
Alen Garceau
Captured 04/28/11
ELDREDGE, Bethany (Captured)
Bethany Eldredge
Captured 04/22/11
Richard Peake (Captured)
Richard Peake
Captured 04/12/11
Chris Bacon (Captured)
Chris Bacon
Captured 04/11/11
Victoria Kerr (Captured)
Victoria Kerr
Captured 04/11/11
Gilbert Perez
Gilbert Perez
Captured 04/07/11
Steve Goldsmith (Captured)
Stephen Goldsmith
Captured 03/18/11
Cedric Ross (Captured)
Cedric Ross
Captured 03/17/11
Yvonne Thrasher (Captured)
Yvonne Thrasher
Captured 03/04/11
Craig Ferriero (Captured)
Craig Ferriero
Captured 02/23/11

Richard Card
Captured 02/17/11
Michael O'Dell (Captured)
Michael O'Dell
Captured 02/03/11
Kevin Stone (Captured)
Kevin Stone
Captured 01/10/11
Eric Violette (Captured)
Eric Violette
Captured 01/03/11

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