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U.S. Marshals Service

District of New Hampshire

Fugitive of the Week - Captured or Surrendered Fugitives (2010)

Joshua Rogers (Captured)
Joshua Rogers
Captured 11/23/10
Paul Hewitt (Captured)
Paul Hewitt
Captured 11/17/10
Kevin LeBlanc (Captured)
Kevin LeBlanc
Captured 11/15/10
Brian Mahoney (Captured)
Brian Mahoney
Captured 11/05/10
Joseph Fariole (Captured)
Joseph Fariole
Captured 10/26/10
Marques Stanford (Captured)
Marques Stanford
Captured 10/20/10
Lekhan Ward (Captured)
Lekhan Ward
Captured 10/20/10
Eric Lewis (Captured)
Eric Lewis
Captured 10/15/10
Timothy Lennox (Captured)
Timothy Lennox
Captured 10/06/10
Dionaliz Brito (Captured)
Dionaliz Brito
Captured 09/27/10

Richard Cybenko
Captured 09/03/10
Michael Marini (Captured)
Michael Marini
Captures 08/31/10
Tommi Lindbloom (Captured)
Tommi Lindbloom
Captured 08/04/10
Efrain Lopez (Captured)
Efrain Lopez
Captured 08/02/10
Marnie Salafia (Captured)
Marnie Salafia
Captured 07/27/10
Michael Souliere (Captured)
Michael Souliere
Captured 06/29/10

Michael Kelly
Captured 06/24/10
Anthony Cordano (Captured)
Anthony Cordano
Captured 06/04/10
Dwayne Hawkins (Captured)
Dwayne Hawkins
Captured 05/28/10
Kevin Poole (Captured)
Kevin Poole
Captured 05/13/10
Christopher Elwell (Captured)
Christopher Elwell
Captured 05/12/10
Paul Tasker (Captured)
Paul Tasker
Captured 05/12/10
Shawn Butler (Captured)
Shawn Butler
Captured 03/21/2010
Reginald Johnson (Captured)
Reginald Johnson
Captured 03/10/2010
Anthony Perkins (Captured)
Anthony Perkins
Captured 02/23/2010
Justin Oliver (Captured)
Justin Oliver
Captured 01/29/2010
Eric Dingus (Captured)
Eric Dingus
Captured 01/07/09

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