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U.S. Marshals Service

History of District of Nebraska


The Territory of Nebraska was created on May 30, 1854.  The District of Nebraska was established on April 19, 1864 and was effective upon the admission of Nebraska as a State on March 1, 1867.

The following is a listing of former United States Marshals for the District of Nebraska.

 District Marshals

Date         Vice
IZARD, Mark W. 06/29/1854 (S) Original Appointment
DOYLE, Eli R.  02/28/1855 (S) Izard (Resigned)
RANKIN, B.P.  02/04/1856 (S) Doyle (Deceased)
WEST, William A.  04/20/1858 (S) Rankin (Resigned)
MOORE, William E.  05/18/1860 (S) West (Removed)
05/13/1861 (R)
07/22/1861 (S)
Moore (Resigned)
YOST, Caspar E.  03/11/1865 (S) Hitchcock (Resigned)
YOST, Caspar E.  03/11/1865 (S) Himself as Marshal of Territory of Nebraska
HOILE, Joseph T.  12/21/1869 (S)
DAILY, Willliam 
04/16/1872 (S)
04/03/1876 (S)
 Hoile (Resigned)
11/23/1880 (R)
02/09/1881 (S)
02/11/1885 (S)
Daily (Term Expired)
SLAUGHTER, Brad D. 03/19/1889 (S) Bierbower (Term Expired)
WHITE, Frank E.  03/27/1893 (S) Slaughter (Term Expired)
THUMMEL, George H.  03/24/1897 (S) White (Term Expired)
MATTHEWS, Trevanyon L.
10/25/1899 (R)
12/19/1999 (S)
02/20/1904 (C)
Thummel (Resigned)
WARNER, William P. 
12/20/1905 (C)
01/25/1910 (C)
Matthews (Removed)
FLYNN, Thomas J.  07/22/1915 (R)
01/11/1916 (C)
02/04/1920 (C)
Warner (Term Expired)
DAHLMAN, James C.  05/17/1920 (C.A.)
06/03/1920 (C)
Flynn (Deceased)
NICKERSON, James B. 05/04/1921 (C) Dahlman (Resigned)
CRONIN, Dennis H.  08/11/1921 (C)
12/15/1925 (C)
Nickerson (C.A)
PETER, Valentine J.  04/27/1932 (C) Cronin (Term Expired)
BYRNES, John C. 07/01/1936 (C.A.) Peter (Resigned)
YOUNG, Earl L. 07/07/1938 (C.A.) Byrnes (Deceased)
PROUDFIT, George E. 12/28/1938 (R)
01/26/1939 (C)
07/07/1943 (C)
07/30/1947 (C)
Young (C.A.)
GOLDEN, Frank  04/26/1948 (C)
06/11/1952 (C)
Proudfit (Resigned)
RAAB, William  04/02/1954 (C)
05/08/1958 (C)
Golden (Resigned)
OBBINK, Jack D.   07/21/1961 (C.A.)
07/25/1961 (C)
Raab (Resigned)
SHORT, D. Clive 10/10/1964 (C.A.)
07/16/1965 (C)
Obbink (Resigned)
GRIMM, Lloyd H.  10/31/1969 (C.A.)
11/25/1969 (C)
Short (Resigned)
ROMANS, Ronald 12/19/1974 (C) Grimm (Resigned)
BACKHAUS, Mack A. 09/26/1980 (C) Romans (Term Expired)
O’HARA, Thomas Andrew, Jr. 02/22/1982 (C)
09/15/1986 (C)
Backhaus (Removed)
VAUGHN, Cleveland 02/11/1994(C) O'Hara (Term Expired)
GREASON, Willie 12/03/1995 (Acting) Vaughn (Resigned)
ARECHIGA, Roger  11/01/1996 Temporary Appointment
CLEVELAND, John  02/16/1997 Appointment
ENNIS, Brian M.  02/15/2002 (C) Appointment
CLEVELAND, John Appointment
THOMAS, Karen 05/12/2009 Acting
MARTINEZ, Mark A. 01/13/2010 Appointment


The following translation of abbreviations applies to the list:
        "R" - Recess appointment date
        "S" - Senate Confirmation date (used from 1789-1903)
        "C" - Commission date (used from 1903 to present)
        "C.A." - Court Appointment date
        "A.G." - Attorney General appointment date is an official site of the U.S. Federal Government, U.S. Department of Justice