Photograph courtesy

                                                                                                     Yellowstone Co.  Sheriff's Office, Billings, MT



John C. Orrick, 16th U.S. Marshal, District of Montana


John C. Orrick was born at Steven’s Point,Wisconsin, September 15, 1872, the son of a doctor. Orrick’s family moved to Montana when he was 11 years old and he grew up in the Pease Bottom country (Treasure County) and attended school at Miles City. As a young man he worked as a range rider and a cowboy.

Orrick began his law enforcement career as a Deputy Sheriff stationed at Custer and subsequently made Undersheriff of Yellowstone County for Sheriff James Webb (killed while in office by an outlaw). Serving out the unexpired term of Sheriff Webb, Orrick was then three times elected Sheriff and served until 1914. In 1922 he was appointed Deputy US Marshal under Marshal Duncan and was stationed at Great Falls. Orrick secured the appointment as US Marshal under President Coolidge, through the recommendation of the Marshal Rolla Duncan to US Congressman Scott Leavitt.

February 22, 1928 Orrick had a heart attack and died on Northern Pacific train number 186 leaving Billings bound for Glendive. The train backed up a mile into the Billings station, delivering Orrick’s body. He was buried at Mountview cemetery, after capacity-filled funeral service at Smith’s Funeral chapel, attended by numerous public officials from the entire state.

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