Charles Frederick Lloyd

Photograph courtesy of Montana National Guard


Charles Frederick Lloyd, 11th U.S. Marshal for the District of Montana

General (Col.) Charles Frederick Lloyd was born at Gothenburg, Sweden on July 27, 1851. The son of a well to do merchant, his family immigrated to LaCrosse, Wisconsin in January 1852. The Lloyd family then moved to Lansing, Iowa when he was 12 years old (1863).

At the age of 17, Lloyd obtained an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY. Upon his matriculation from that institution, Lloyd was commissioned a Second Lieutenant, serving in the Fourteenth Infantry, stationed at Fort Douglas, Utah. (6/17/1874) He served in the Sioux Wars under General Crook at Rosebud, Montana and was posted at Fort Robinson, Nebraska, Fort Cameron, Utah and the Thornburg Battle Ground, near Meeker, Colorado.

In the fall of 1882, obtained a leave of absence from the Army and traveled to Butte, Montana and resigned his commission in 1883 and worked as the General Manager of the Northwest Forwarding Company until 1893. Lloyd also owned and operated a 250 cow dairy farm ranch, near Butte. On January 2, 1893 Lloyd accepted the appointment as Adjutant General of the Montana National Guard from Governor J.E. Rickards and served in the Spanish American War as a Lieutenant Colonel in the 3rd US Volunteer Calvary (Grigsby’s Cowboys), mustering out in 1904. He was also on the Board of Directors of the Mountain Bell Telephone Company, and a member of the Butte Elks and the Silverbow Club.

October 9, 1902 Lloyd was appointed by President Theodore Roosevelt as U.S. Marshal for the District of Montana, which he served until January of 1907. Lloyd died at the age of 73 on December 15, 1924 in California.

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