Friday, January 1

In Virginia City, made calls from 11 oclock until dark, spent the day pleasantly, several quarrels but no fighting, a great many tight at night, retired in good season, weather fine.


Saturday, January 2

Some excitement about the Capitol question. Called on the Govenor and Judges, was with Tufts most of the day and called again at night with Judge Wm Royn. A fire at Tom Whilus, soon put out, very severe snow & wind storm, attended Lodge.


Sunday, January 3

4 inches of snowfall last night, called on Judge Tufts, "W" & "R" very tight last night.


Monday, January 11

Judge Warren approved my accounts for Nov 1st District, weather fine.


Tuesday, January 12

Nothing of importance, received a letter from John Featherstun, called on the Miss Rodgers with Gov. Tufts, Butts on a spree.


Thursday, January 14

Weather pleasant, had my sorral & Gray horse shod, my cream & X's bay mare brought in this evening, the Legislature Party was a sucess, Mr. Barrett & Col. George came, was having a shooting aff     .


Sunday, January 18

Delivered a letter proved accounts C.W. Griner from J.H. Thompson to Muffly Reyislen, pd. Geo. Kane $20, attendance Court Room & Judge Room. Bostlet $11.00/100.


Monday, January 19

Rode to Boulder, weather like summer, roads dusty.


Wednesday, January 20

Got to Helena about 3 oc, paid G.M. Pinney, Parson's publication $15.


Thursday, January 21

G.M. Pinney & Sanders left for States.


Monday, February 15

Fire on Wood Street and then on Main Street at 2 oc, hot time, loss from $55,000 to 60,000.00/100.


Tuesday, February 16

Weather windy.


Wednesday, February 17

Windy, looks like a snow storm.


Thursday, February 18

X. Beidler and Birkin left for Boulder after dark, weather windy, snowed later. Bought a Bay mare from Lott for $100 in dust.


Friday, February 19

Snowed this morning, windy and cold.


Saturday, February 20

Very cold & windy, was at Jonny Carter's place a while.


Sunday, February 21

Weather clear and cold, wrote to Pinney, Nat Paper, C.D. Heard, R.J. Percy. X. got home at night.


Saturday, February 27

Left Birdtail 1/2 after 5 oc, dinner at 28 mile springs, arrived at Benton 8 oc P.M., roads muddy part way, met a good many friends, stayed with Mr. Joseph Hill, weather clear and warm.


Sunday, February 28

Called on Maj. Eastman, went to church at 10 AM. Called on Eastman again at dark, have decided to leave in the morning, weather beautifull, clear & warm.




Washington D.C.

Received at Helena 28 February, 1869

     To Neil Howie

     Answer no letters from Department about rents until you hear from me. Sanders & Jones fighting you, will beat them.

                        Geo. M. Pinney

                        National Hotel


Monday, March 1

Left Ft. Benton 7 AM, arrived Ft Shaw [at] dusk. Cool morning, thawed after 11 o.c. A.M.. Shot Prairie Dog 50 paces and a rabbit 66 paces. Officers glad to see me, called on Col. Andrews, summonsed Lt. Spratt & Sanborn.


Tuesday, March 2

Left Ft. Shaw and arrived at Birdtail at 5 oc A.M. [on] horseback, took coach, dinner at Kennedy's in Helena, before dark read a disposition from Pinney answered by mail. Snowed in the morning early, commenced again at dark 1/2 past 10 P.M., 5 inches deep, still snowing.


Friday, March 5

Grand Jury empannelled, several witnesses sworn, took a ride with Judge Knowles to the Springs, sleighing not the best. Attended a meeting of the  T  & weather pleasant, looks like snow. Released Thomas O. Rolund, U.S. Prisoner, by order of Judge Knowles.


Saturday, March 6

Had Thomas Crawford before Jury & several others, had a long talk with R.D. Carpenter. Grand Jury adjourned about noon to Monday, weather fair, clear & warm, wrote to Neall Roys, Jas. Tufts & N. Pope, went to bed at 5 oclock.


Sunday, March 7

Went to church with Judge Knowles this morning, Thos. O. Rolund left for N.Y. Gulch, called on Kate, weather clear & warm, streets muddy.


Wednesday, March 10

Summonsed several witnesses, Grand Jury adjourned about noon, also coach, took dinner with Judd & Kinsing.


Thursday, March 11

Thomas Ames left for the Muscleshell, paid him $20.00/100, summonsed quite a number of witnesses, received $40. from Col. Young.


Friday, March 12

Got up at 8 oc, Grand Jury got through with witnesses adjourned to Monday 1 o.c. P.M.. Judge M.E.N.J. & Col. Thos. T. on a big wine spree, took a few glasses wine with C.N.T., are requested to make a call tommorrow evening(Marketon), retired at 1/4 of 2, weather beautifull. Wrote to John Featherstun and wrote to N. Pope.


Saturday, March 14

Day rather cold, Frank Dunbar called. Very cold night, Judge Knowles stayed with me. Wrote to Pinney, N. Pope and John Featherstun.


Monday, March 15

X. Beidler left this morning for Whitetail. Grand Jury met at 2 oc P.M., formed two indictments today, adjourned met Ambron at Heriford's, called at Kinsing's & at Collector's Office, barrowed on check $300.00/100, returned $250 to Nolan & Weary.


Wednesday, March 17

Weather pleasant, several witnesses examined Grand Jury adjourned half past 4 P.M.(two interesting cases, N.P.L. nearly indicted on personal grounds, fought for him)(he may have made a mistake) took dinner with Kinsing, Grand Jury found 15 indictments, attended the dinner.


Thursday, March 18

Had a very unpleasant time this evening with "X" & Bumaster & F.C., all on the fight, kept them apart. Dr. Atkinson arrived, received a letter from Larnott, barrowed 350 for Grand Jury, weather fine.


Friday, March 19

"X" left at daylight for 10 Mile with George "H", tight, T arrived at eight, Lt. Wane left, took a ride with him afternoon, went to bed early, weather like summer.


Saturday, March 20

The Kleinshmitt & Dunphy case in court now one week, drawing to a close. Weather fine, no letters from the east, bought a load of hay $16 per ton. Took dinner with Kinsing & Judd.


Tuesday, March 30

Summonsed L. Goldberg, A. Sample, J.G. Gurmain, Henry Jurgens.


Wednesday, March 31

Rec'd from C.W. Fowler $150. fine, Labor $150., 14 Marshals costs, Paid J.X. Beidler $20.


Thursday, April 8

Paid $20 February for Mills for Post Master.


Tuesday, April 13

Warrant served on Hi Upham by X. Beidler on this day at Sun River, prisoner delivered on the 16th, same date served on Heeley arrested, same date X. Beidler served subp. on Lt. W.N. Sanburn on hand the 11th.


Friday, April 16

Returned warrant for Upham. Hiram Upham & John Heeley delivered today & brought before court.


Wednesday, April 28

Was arroused by the cry of fire half past 2 oc, the greater part of town burnt by half past 6 am.


Friday, April 30

Judge H.L. Warren left for Virginia & Tufts, Constable Broadwater & N. Pope for Gallatin.


Wednesday, May 5

Started from Helena with "X." in rout for Deer Lodge, was overtaken at the Springs by Dr. Glick & Mr. Lott, had a pleasant trip. Dinner at Ranch Travellers p        arrived at Deer Lodge soon after sundown, weather warm.


Monday, May 10

Grand Jury vinera returned.


Tuesday, May 11

Grand Jury in session.


Wednesday, May 12

G. Jury in session.


Saturday, May 15

Paid Rent for 4 meals, $5 currency.


Friday, August 27

Left Helena 1/2 past 1 A.M., horse acted badly until reaching Boulder, rested at little Boulder 1 1/2 hours. Coach 3/4 hour ahead at Jefferson bridge.


Thursday, September 16

Left Helena on coach at 9 A.M., took dinner at Beaver Town and supper at White Tail. Mrs. Mansfield & sister along, done all I could to make them & children comfortable, weather pleasant.


Friday, September 17

Arrived this morning at 1/2 past 4 oc, expected Mr. Arrick this evening, found Mr. Wheeler here (U.S.M.). Rained nearly all day, Col. Wheeler left on coach at 6 P.M.. Expressed [a] letter to John H. Shober on Capital later, Mr. Arrick not arrived.


Friday, September 24

Called on Doc, the chairman of the board of Judges of Election for the Junction Returns in presence of William McQuinn, said Judge imformed me that he had distributed returns.


Tuesday, September 28

Mark Ainsley, Upper Silver Star. A. Oaks, Rochesters

Vote 43 ‑ 42

Total Vote 85


Monday, October 4

U.S. Court 3rd Dist. 1869



Pirish Ashland Prisoner


Dandy Jim (Indian)

Ling Buck     "



Tracy & D        charged only half mile above Flint Creek.

A.K. Gird just below Dulies Ranch

Wm Winchel for assesor court, Recommended R.E. Lyon



G.M. Pinney

     National Hotel

          Washington D.C.


J.B. Whitson witness from Muscleshell of which was

Rec'd $64.‑$14‑Costs & fine $50 in Mann & Davidson Case

Apr 5th 1869


John C. Ryan, Senator How Wis

date of warrant against Joseph Blodgett Dec 2nd

Two trips to Ft. Owens 12 miles above 50 miles.

200 mile trip


4 days Prisoner



MEMORANDA [Entries crossed out as paid]

Owe Chas. W. Fowler loan $25.00/100

Some time since April 6th 1869

X.B. Dr 20 Currency


John H. Shober cn 75‑

F.G. Heldt Dr in dust 60‑

J.J. Hull Cr Dust 35‑

Sharps            25‑



Dates of the Fick & Stuart notes w findings

$6,000.00 22nd of June 1869

$7,000.00 20th of August 1869

$4,100.00 20th of October 1869

$7,000.00 dated Helena M.T. July 13th 1868

$6,000.00 note Helena M.T. Oct 22nd 1867

$4,100.00 note Oct 22nd 1867


Grand Jury Vinera, 2nd Dist May Term, 3rd of May


Monroe Hanor summonsed by G.W.I., Special Deputy, May 8th

G.W. Irvin May 12th, others May 11th




V.B. McQueston

Reynolds City

Aug 31st

Call Hagadom on account of Abe Manning




Frances M. Mcgill


Sariah A. Clark




Served on S.J. Perkins

Witness Done Case

Served on E. Laselle on 13th Apr., returned 15th



Date                Received       Paid

 15  Telegraph                     3.25

 "   Grain Bill                   24.00

 "   Interest                      5.00

 "   Nolan & Weary               250.25




Date                             Received       Paid

5th  King & Gillette               125.00

"    1st National Bank by Check Drawn         125.00

"    Johnny McCormick                          28.00

"    N Story for Stove Pipe f                  23.00

"    George Dark                               10.00

"    Kyn     Salloon                           13.00

6    Shanks & McPherson                        21.50

6    Travois                                    5.00

12   Tailor bill dust                           7.00

"    Clothing                                   5.20




12   J.J. Hull Cur                200.00

"    " "   "   dust               286.

"    Tailor bill dust                           7.00

"    Clothing dust                              5.20

"    Gillette dust                              8.00

"    Wilson grain                              15.00

"    Travis & Brown Flyman                     65.00

14   D.L. McFarland                 16.00

"    Telegraph                                 13.25

19   Flyman                                     5.00

"    loaned to                                  5.00




1869 Lucias Livingston

last J.M.P. Snider

1868 Last years vote 128.





  14    Rec'd from H Heirgey

   "    fine and cost           84.00

   "    Paid Judge Muroh

   "    w his costs             35.00



   "    Rec'd from D.L. McFarland

        on Bankrupt Costs       16.00


        Paid  L               

        M      in Liver    

Apr 25  c     dust               7.00




1869   holde one note against G.M. Pinney to the amount of $3,000.00

Sept   dated about twelve months ago



 20    Note against N. Trumbull 350.00

 22    Redeemed note for G.M. Pinney at Henesey & Dalhr's Bank

       for which I hold vouchers against W.S. Scribner

       Note     $682.55

       Interest   51.29

       Freight    32.10



loaned to G.M. Pinney cash on a note given to me by his wife 600.00




Missoula County

Meagher County

Dil to Congr

    Cavanaugh     4.15

    Tufts         2.48

Location Seat Gov 5.97




J.B. Johnson

N. Bank   2.20

King       .90


X said N.H. had m     fair


Charles Spencer

John Richardson


Frank Smith, Muscleshell

D.D. Staryer